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At the high school I attened one of the history classes learned about the meaning behind this song. I was not enrolled int his class and for years i felt I had missed out (I am not 26). I have always loved this song and I recently downloaded it. My husband and I listened to it again and again taking guesses about what it meant. So I looked it up on the interent and here you were!! thanks!
melissa campagna <cnm173@aol.com>

Bloody good effort. Really good read old boy. Keep up the good work, have you worked on any Dylan stuff?
Nicky Tamlyn <nicky.tamlyn@some.ox.ac.uk>
United Kingdom
Liked reading your web site. In other readings they have had Filmroe East and West as the 'sacred store' Bill Grahams site for concerts that shut down due to it's small size and the growing populaity of the acts it atracted.
john Clark <mnjcinluv@aol.com>
Really enjoyed browsing through your site. Lots of information and an nice desgin. Keep going!
Samantha Williams <willsamantha4@yahoo.com>
The song "American Pie" is a greate song. It makes you to think alittle bit further. It's so great that I don't have any more to say then I think its greate.
Jenny Ehrencrona <ehrencrona_j@hotmail.com>
Stumbled on this looking for lyrics for another song. Very entertaining, interesting and enlightening!
Carol Jordan
Houston TX
Thanks for the good information. Keep up this great resource. Best greetings.
Cordoba Hotels <mauricio@allstarhotels.com>
one of my favourites since it was first released
Tom Morgan <mororchids@on.aibn.com>
Believe it or not, i randomly came across your site during a web search about the Challenger disaster ("Christine McCauliffe" was the search key word used on yahoo).
But i have always loved that song, so i couldn't help but read through your entire enterpretation of it.
Fascinating, and quite well done; thank you very much. :)

Dave MacFadyen <bdcyberdaddy@yahoo.com>

nice site
sarge <sarge200@mail.com>

Nice job on the site.
I don't think Don McClean really had all those social metaphors in mind when he wrote the song.
He was just talking about the changes that took place in the music scene, and the negative effects they had on his life as a teenager.
I also think he was very smart to make us speculate, rather than spilling the beans himself.
If he had, you wouldn't have this nice site!

Ken Castleman <ken@castleman.org>
MANY thanks for your site.
I discovered this song on the "Born on the 4th of July" Soundtrack album and almost felt in love with it... despite my french origins could not allow me to fully understand the lyrics. I loved this song because of the strong interpretation, and because it seemed to "Tell" a (long and sad) story... (nothing to do with modern-numbered-named-punck-rock groups)
Now with your site I understand far better, and I know i was quite rigth...

Jeff <elwood.b@wanadoo.fr>
thatnx for putting this interpretation up for everyone.
one of the best reads i've seen in awhile

Stacey Ray Tindle <arrowhead@earthling.net>
RON GASTON <thefunnyfarm2@rogers.com>
your page is inspirational ;)

Thanks for the good information. Keep up this great resource. Best greetings,
Lisbon Hotels <mauricio@allstarhotels.com>
You did great job, so I figured to sign your guestbook and let you know. God bless you. Jon from New York.
Your site is very Interesting, ive added it to my favorites. :-))
Bob Summer <bobsummer@recipe-index.com>

wow great site...very cool

Very very interesting. Brilliant in fact.
MarK Elliott
I enjoyed my stay at your website, keep up the good work ;-)
Jeff Kelly <jeffkelly@purevegrecipes.com>

I found your site by doing a Google search. American Pie is one of my all time favorite songs.

Betsy <charlibets@yahoo.com>
loved the web site especially the interpretation of American Pie. I was however dis appointed when reading don McClean said American pie didn't refer to anyone or anything. But in all a great web site. I'll be back. Jack Brunette
jack brunette <eltjn@aol.com>
Best wishes from the alps :-)
tom <tm@aol.com>
I found your research into the meaning of the song to be very interesting, and when I hear the song from now on I'll definetly have your interpretations in mind. Thank you!
Charlie <charlie_ambrose@hotmail.com>
Thank you for a great site - one of the students sang the song last night at my daughter's school concert. As it happened I'd been swopping lines with a friend a couple of days ago. Typed in American Pie in Google and found your site.
Terrific site! I found this whole analysis really interesting, and it has finally cleared up some questions I've had about American Pie! Thank you for this great site, you've done a wonderful job! Very thorough and detailed. Well done!
i would just like to add that i love that commercial with the guy in the car singing "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" while his g/f is sitting in the parking lot waiting for him and he mentions how he loves that song. and the commercial says "we'll be there 'til the very end" and its kind of ironic because its like the song is so long, but they'll still be there or at the end of all those sad times and years of that time period they'll still be there. i just find anything having to do with song fascinating and intriguing and a huge learning experience.
:) <cheerio9876@bellsouth.net>
U.S. of A.
i just finished reading the interpertation of this magnificant song and it is by far my favorite song. i play it over and over in the house and in the car and. im only 14 and my dad just started telling me about the meaning of this song a few days ago. he was like "one day ill tell you what this song means" and he did. i never realized all the symbolic verses and quotes until my dad said that. i just think that this song is the most brilliant song ever written along with being the most catchiest song i've ever heard and its still going strong for many many more generations.
:) <cheerio9876@bellsouth.net>
U.S. of A.
Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :)

Joe D.

Joe <j_dirt@hotmail.com>
Excellent site!! I thought it was fabulous. You really took a lot of time to do the research and you really interpreted the song really well. I enjoyed it :) The song is very complicated and lends itself to a variety of interpretations, but you did a very good job of showing different sides of the song etc... Very cool :)


just wanted to say good website. found it by chance - was told to look for a website explaining lyrics of song and this came up on the search. its a great song that ive loved since i first heard it at the age of 12 and ive wondered ever since what th lyrics meant so thanks for your explanation of them.
Amy <aimes000@yahoo.co.uk>
England/falkland islands
Great site! really helpful
Dan Grus <Coolrunner210@aol.com>
Hi, I just found your site. Its a nice site. It was loading slowly but I reloaded it and it worked fine.
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Found web-site while trying to confirm the name of the plane which Buddy Holly died in.
Justin Campbell <jj.campbell@ntlworld.com>
Great site! good work! keep it up!
rick dee <renobear88@yahoo.com>
i really enjoyed reading your interpretation; it is nice that there are people like you willing to put the time and effort into this kind of analysis for the curious people like me to enjoy

thank you

Kiley <kh60775@swt.edu>
texas, u.s.a.

I enjoyed the American Pie analysis!

Jeff Hoefler

After hearing that song and wondering for more than 25 years, today after hearing it on the radio I finally decided to find out what McLean was singing about. After reading two other sites,,,this one was the best. Thanks.
Toby Hamlin <tlh52001@aol.com>
Curiousity killed the cat - thanks for the milk.
karmit galimidi-epstein
I really enjoyed your site. I am doing an MA in media studies and I am conducting a semiological analysis of one print ad from the latest Chevy campaign. It is the one where the women are in the Chevy waving at the soliders running past them. In the corner are the lines 'Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry'. I used your site to get a better understanding of how this song and particularly those lines would be interpreted by an American audience.
Thanks, Margaret

Margaret Bennett <margaretbennet2002@hotmail.com>
I throughly enjoyed your interpretation of American Pie. I have played this song for years and regularly am asked to explain the lyrics, this is as i am sure you are aware is very difficult, I as well draw on similar references as you but I believe yours are more specific. I continue my quest and Don has a biography to be released soon in which maybe all our questions will be answered. Thanks for the time I know it has taken to document this information, similar to Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party" but more elusive. Thanks again!!
Yours in Search of,
Gary Kearney

Gary Kearney <lawmanky@bellsouth.net>

Happy New Year!
Barbara (maiden name Eggerson) <revbj4christ@hotmail.com>
This song was instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing me to the point of accepting Jesus Christ as my saviour. Not sure why. Some of the words have reference to Biblical phrases. But also the song has a kind of haunting tune as well. The tune matched what I was feeling at the time. A sense of emptiness, like I had seen it all, and it didn't make sense. Life was just one big bowl of events, people, etc. And a big mess. Only the Gospel that "Christ came into the world to save sinners" gave me (and still does) any peace.
Stuart <stuword@yahoo.com>
I'm a product of Generation X, and ever since I first heard this song years ago, I've been asking people it's meaning. As it all took place before I was born, no one I knew had the answers--except for the Buddy Holly inferences. Your site has answered my questions, and it's obvious you put a lot of time into all the research. I not only enjoyed reading the result of your efforts, but I learned a bit about history in the process! Thanks...
Lori Allen <jade013_2000@yahoo.com>
Thought I would sign! "There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written." Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

I found your page while looking for photographs of groucho Marx. I found one on your explanation on American Pie lyrics, and I HAD to read it all. It is very well done, I bet you have studied literature or something like that. I am studying literature and I found your analysis a very good one. Keep up the good work.
Isabel <lady_sparrow@hotmail.com>
Spain, EU
Very informative. I was quite impressed with the way this interpretation was arranged. Thank you.

The music has gotten dimmer and dimmer after Buddy, JFk,Robert, MLK, John Lennon, Christine McCauliffe, and now the Twin Towers have fallen ...I can only faintly hear ...it ...bye bye, Miss American Pie
Les Royal <royalranch@earthlink.net>
I am a 25 year old black male who only listens to rap and r&b. Although I do have appreciation for other types of music. I heard this song on the radio (and more recently in those Chevy Cavalier commercials) and fell instantly in love with it. I could tell that it had meaning, but because of my lack of knowledge of that genre of music, I didn't even know who sang it. So I asked a co-worker and she told me part of the story of it and how Don McClean came up with it. I came to your site and found myself in tears reading some of the meanings. Just amazing. I have to say that after hearing this song and learning how deep it is, I understand why some people say today's music has no meaning. That may be true. If you know of any other songs that are similar to American Pie, please forward them to me. I love broadening my horizons.
Cory <corychilds@yahoo.com>
As a 46 year old I really reflected back on this sad period of time in the USA as you speak of this interpertation of this song. It was a History lesson for my 13 year old, as she read this with me. However, I beleive the last verse about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost to be a statement that with all that was going on, the writer thought God had left the country. NOW look at us? Maybe He didn't LEAVE...YET...but wanted to head for the coast, OUT of here, due to the growth of Eastern relegions, Satanism, Humanism, and Rock and Roll still portraying this evil.
God says, "If my people who are called by MY name will HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, and seek MY face and turn from thier wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.II Chronicles 7:14
I think we should heed this advice!

Karen DeAngelo <Karen@gloryridge.com>
Although I have been using both American Pie and Vincent for teaching English for about fifteen years, your site gives a few new slants which I find very helpful. The technical side is also excellent: links that work, the Word download (which I have imported into StarOffice with no problems) - all in all you are justified in describing this as the "ultimate" A.P. site!
Bill George <billgeorge@gmx.de>
Enjoyed your interpretation. It has a lot in common with what people were thinking and saying at the time.
ron williams
Nice site and Happy New Year. I enjoyed the American Pie interpretation.
John H. Meyer <jmeyer@comcast.net>
United States
Interesting reading. Great to have an insight into the mind of a man who wrote one of the most charismatic songs ever. American Pie is and always will be open to conjecture on the interpretation of the lyrics, but I think that is what makes it so special.
Richard Morton <morties@blueyonder.co.uk>
Hello. I was just surfing through and thought I should let you know. You have an interesting site. Best of luck with it.

And America is great.

This website is alright! I think! America sucks by the way!
Mattias Rekonius <mattias.rekonius@telia.com>
One of my favorite songs - very nicely done!!
Cyn <dolphinstar3@yahoo.com>
Fantastic website! Keep it up!

I loved the site! Very thoughful, interesting, and well put together. I've been looking for a site just like this forever.
Eric Bradford <VanAusdal>
United States
I loved the site! Very thoughful, interesting, and well put together. I've been looking for a site just like this forever. Not to act like I have any place in adding to what you've compiled, but I've always considered the 'a generation lost in space' line to be somewhat of a representation of the classic "Lost In Space" television show. It fits in with the Sci-Fi fascination of the Fifties and adds to the tender image of a time when a family would all watch a program together. That same generation that would later be 'lost'. Thanks for the site!
Eric Bradford <VanAusdal>
United States
Enjoyed your site.

Tommy Hill <TDHill54@BellSouth.net>
Thanks for making this site possible! It was fascinating to read all about American Pie. I always loved that song, and just seemed to instantly memorize the lyrics when it came out. Have you seen the TV ad wherein they use American Pie as the song the young guy is listening to in his car, as his girlfriend waits to walk on the beach with him? He says, "I always LOVED that song!!!" Amen. Mary
Mary Ryan

This site is the one i ever dreamed of - the editor really did a great job. It's the best interpretation of the greatest song i've ever seen.
>>Go ON<<

P. Cramer <philsenna@web.de>
Fantastic,I never knew there could be so much meaning to one song.
Gemma Stables
I enjoyed your interpretation of the song. I was born in 71' so I have no idea about the frustrations and feelings of the time. McLean did say in an interview that the song is open to several interpretations. I believe it transcends time. In my mind it evokes hopelessness and enslavement. This may sound wierd, but I think the song predicts our eventual downfall to the New World Order and the Illuminists amongst us. The song is reflective, but somber and sobering. Thanks for your wonderful site and your interpretation
MIke <mdbaca24@hotmail.com>

solid website
Michael Glaser <mlg2402@aol.com>

Your site is so informative.. I really like it.. Keep it up!
This is a great site. THANKS for the work!!
tj <trialjudge@aol.com>
Loved it!!! Whoo HOO

Ronna Fultz <yankeefultz@hotmail.com>
Good to hear from others who "get it". I still believe that music will save the world
Norman Rosborough <norman.rosborough@zpl.co.uk>
Northern Ireland

I really like the site. I found it through dogpile.com (you were top of the list). Just thought i should give you credit.
I think that this was really enlightening, i have always wondered what the lyrics have meant, and this gave me a pretty good idea.
Wesley King
United States
After browsing around for a while looking at different interpretations, I feel yours is the most complete as far as all the possibilities. It's nice to get a real world response and not just a sheltered americans' opinion all the time. Thank goodness for the internet.
AmousLou <Amouslou420@yahoo.com>
Great..I really enjoyed learning about the song!
Bert Milano <umbertomilano@hotmail.com>
I appreciate your research and feel a little more enlightned having read your interpretation of "American Pie"
Patrick Gibbs <catswood@ghg.net>
Great site dude

HI! We visited your website during English class. It is great. But we were talking about poetry and I hate poetry. Thanks for the great site!
Michele <plainolmichele@hotmail.com>
Many thanks for sharing your vivid, indeed succinct, impressions of a song that, for many years, has at once inspired and inveigled me...I was just a kid of four or five when it came out...(my older brothers owned the two sided 45, featuring parts 1 and 2 of the song, respectively)...Of course, I was too young to understand the symbolism behind the words; I just liked the way the song moved me, and the way the whimsical narrative unfolded...At face value, the lyrics are colorful, fantastic and enchanting; as enchanting as many a children's story or fable...I suppose that's what makes the song so appealing: it works for the innocents--children who delighted in the magical imagery and sing-along refrain; and to the lost, shattered innocents (and innocence) for whom (and for which) it was penned...

I've heard many interpretations over the years, bits and pieces explaining one verse or another...I've never come across a complete exegesis, if you will; that is, until today...Thanks for the effort...Now, I have to retrain my ears to listen to it as a kid again...and not think so damn hard about one of the catchiest folk tunes ever recorded...


HJM <elmocombochi@aol.com>
sounds plausible...thanks for the trip down memory lane

wes <mickeeca@yahoo.ca>

I have been listening for American Pie for a long time and also thinking about the words. Now there's some greats ideas about the song and the words. Thanks for the great job you've done with this song.

Sorry bout me spelling, but i'm a little bit drunk. Only one more hour and then back to work again... :-)


Tero Tamminen <tette@iki.fi>
for many years i have been asking people about the meaning of the lyrics to this song and nobody could give me an answer - unfortunately i never tried the internet before
i decided to try today and was glad to come across your site

chris <chrisv@selayanghospital.gov.my>
Sweet! I think that your site is the best one out on this subject!

Antioch, IL
Antioch Community High School

Michael Olson
Great! Interesting and Informative.

very nice
I like this song since long time
I always ask bar bands members to cover it on Satuday nights
thank you

anna <tammi@tin.it>
I am the number one Elvis Presley fan in the entire world, however my all time absolute favorite (forgive me Elvis) song is American Pie. My dream (aside from my dreams of Elvis of course!) is to someday meet Don MacLean and discuss just what he was saying in the song. Thanks for a great website - Elvisly yours, Harriette
Harriette <harrluvselvis@yahoo.com>
Long Island, NY USA
Thank You for this page! I needed those information for my classes (because I'm studying English) and I found everything here. Well done!
Ania <ania.kiel@wp.pl>
Piper <ballerina21@hotmail.com>
badass site, i always wondered what all of it meant, thanks for clearing it up, hehe


D.J. <djspence_21@hotmail.com>
I love the song and your site. We are getting married tomorrow in Saratoga Springs, NY, where Don supposedly wrote the song (there is a plaque in a booth in a bar I believe is named Professor Moriarty's) and wanted to learn more about its' history for our guests -- and you helped with that!
John Casellini <John_Casellini@csx.com>
Hi. Nice website you got here. Thank's & keep it up !

Hi Webmaster,

thanx for this very good site and the extra cool stuff on it.

greetings from germany berlin


Hello. I was checking out your site and thought I would complement you on building such a nice site. Your site has very valuable information. Great rythmic site , good for amateur poets. I have to go now. Keep up the good work.
Sam <samuel_jackson_2002@yahoo.com>
Hey there. Found your site, by searching for "interpretation of American Pie" on Google. Great interprestation. I have wondered for so long about thios song. Your version seems so plausible. No assumptions. Everything is backed by frim data. Really great. And seeing the actual lyrics casts light upon what was dark before. So anyway. Great site. Thank you.
This is a pretty good site. I found it when I was searching for an interpretation of the lyrics of American Pie, and seeing all the others makes me wonder if people are reading too much into it. I think there was a site stating that it was a reference to the computers of today, and a prophecy, and blah blah blah. I can't remember if it might be a parody. Though I love to expound on ten thousand theories, sometimes maybe it's just best to let the words and music flow over you and just take them for their simpler values.
Ange <ria_silversmith@hotmail.com>
An interesting and well researched interpretation.
There had been a commercial edition of the song which included an "interpretation". Do you know if it is available anywhere?
Demetrios Thermenos <demthe@bhasd.k12.pa.us>
hi i'm a stand up comedian..and i love Don McCleans American pie..i know the song is about the time when Buddy Holly,Richie Valens and Big Bopper were killed in the plane crash..thats the day music died..thanks
Big steve from vancleave <buzzardcrossing@iwon.com>
many thanx for your interpretation of the song american pie
i am sure that there are many theories concerning this song

henry stock <lordhejul@ntl.com>
Hi everyone. I just like to thank this guest book for allowing ALL of us to leave our various types of messages … A big THANK YOU !! DAVE L.
Dave Lister
“You know EVERONE is ignorant, only on DIFFERENT SUBJECTS !!” Thanks for putting your guest book out for us to leave a message. Thanks again! [:-) Margo, Via Con Dios
M. Lou
One other thought: the jester stealing the king's crown . . . IF we're still talking about Kennedy from the previous verse, could the jester be LBJ in this verse? He does seem to switch persons between the verses.
Dawn <spring63@earthlink.net>
Just heard "Miss American Pie" on an oldies station and again thought I needed an interpretation. (Been trying to figure it all out for years.) Thank you for your site . . . very insightful.

I am 63 . . . those were MY years. Easy to mourn and cry, "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie . . ."

Dawn <spring63@earthlink.net>
A most cool place to visit!
Bob Colder <rcolder@abs.net>
Very good
Bobby Jahoor <fidelity@tstt.net.tt>
Trinidad W.I.
thanks for providing this intrepretation. i have a 15 year old son and he and his friends love the song. they often ask me what the different verses mean. i could figure out a few of them but am now able to give them a better idea of the real meaning. thanks again!
sherri <soutrnbele@aol.com>
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Rakesh Blokhra <rallying@premierisp.com>
american pie is one of my all time favorite songs and ive always wondered what the meaning of it was and now that i found this site i know and i think its absolutely wonderful, thank you so much.
tanya rohacevich <rohace@hotmail.com>

It is really great how you put up this website, I was wondering what some things meant in this song.
Meghan <jmeg23@aol.com>
I went to a summer "camp", more of an advanced studies program(called PCC), and every thursday there would be a dance where American Pie was played every week and it was tied deeply to PCC and it always signaled that the end was coming.So one night inthe October following PCC, some of my friends and I were singing American Pie after seeing several of our PCC friends and my friends father asked us if we knew what the song was about so since we didn'd know she looked it up and e-mailed me the link. When did u become interested in the meaning of American Pie? Also, I get the impression that you are not from the U.S. What is your name? I'm interested to know your methods for compiling and annalyzing all of this information. Thanks though, you really changed the meaning of the song for me.
Shay <Bookworm712@yahoo.com>
Thanks so much for the full interpretation of this classic r&r tune!!!
I had heard a portion of it years ago but never knew the whole of it until I found your site.
Now with your download my edification is now almost complete.

Really nice site! I stumbled into it rather by accident, but i became fasinated by the amount of symbolic meaning laid into "American Pie". I had no idea that the song was so deep, but after having dug up my parents old single album, and dusted the record player, I have heard through a couple of times. It's really good and your site helped me understand it!
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Teresa James <teresa_james36@hotmail.com>
Hello from München. A realy good site!
Historische Persönlichkeiten

Hi, I really liked your website. I've got your address from a friend of mine who is living in Paris. I got some doubts about the lyrics and I wrote him to help me, then he gave me this site. Thanks for this opportunity.
Carlos Alberto <clresende19@yahoo.com.br>
Saludos desde Mexico
Hector Ibancovichi <ibancam@prodigy.net.mx>
hello from germany. nice page!
this is the only song that can bring tears to my eyes, truely beautiful, its fantastic to see someone take the time to analyse this tune, and let us all see the possible meanings.

thank you.

Rob Hawood <third_eye100@hotmail.com>
great job
Frank <dunmstr@yahoo.com>
Thank you for dedicating time and effort to educate people about special music.
Carlos J. Solis <cjsolisni@yahoo.com>
Thanks for the explanations.

I thought "lost in space" might also refer to the tv show that was a part of pop culture of the late 60's - early 70's.

cheryl <bluebear91@juno.com>
excellent site.....well thought out
phil amos <pamos2@hotmail.com>
There is an American fable that needs to be debunked. The plane the musicians were flying in was not called "American Pie."
trojan brand condoms <tro@yahoo.com>
Nice job. I am old (51) enough to have been there for almost all the things referenced and I think you did I fine job on interpreting the song. I had a few minor disagreements but no biggies . I enjoyed this!
Someone on Rec. music.artists.springsteen steered me this way...

Ruth <Ruthgb@earthlink.net>
Hi, this was my first visit and found the interpretayion of American Pie very interesting. Now I need to know about Let it Be, Lucy in the Sky and all the other riddles of the music world! Where do I go for that?

Kind regards

Christine Mouton <cma@global.co.za>
South Africa

What an interesting interpretation. I've always wondered about the true meaning of that song. Thanks.
Brad Nartowt <trakdemon411@aol.com>
I really enjoyed your website -- have been wondering about these sorts of things for years while listening to the song. Thanks for putting in the time and effort for everyone.
- Annie

Annie <dylanis@hotmail.com>
USA, Florida
It was really delithful reading the explanation about American Pie. Thank you very much.

Besides American Pie I do appreciate other Don's masterpieces like: Crossroad, Castles in the air, Winterwood, I we try, just to list some.

It's a pity I got in touch with such kind of poetry and music only recently and it's quite difficult to find CD's from him here in Brazil. It seems the music industry boycotts him. We hardly hear his music on the radio. Having him here in Brazil playing? Why not thinking about?
Best regards,

Renato Cecconello <rcecconello@approval.com.br>
Your website was very helpful. It made my english paper turn from ordinary to extraordinary. (oh, and I made sure to cite it perfectly!!!)Thanks!
Terri Ferguson
United States
Thanks, I found that really interesting. I am a keen follower of 60's / 70's music and have always wondered about the true (or close) meaning of the song. The interpretation and analogies are thought provoking. By the way, Dylan is one of my favourites.
Brian Karlsson <brian@tpc.co.za>
South Africa
Finally, I have found a logical interpretation of American Pie. I have looked for a long time for an interpretation that I feel is accurate. Thank You
Len <noyolakiko@attbi.com>
Wow! Your interpretation is awe-inspiring.

My family has been traced as far back as Tewksbury, England 1591. I am a direct ancestor of Roger Sherman, an original signer of the Declaration of Independence.

I am a Son of the American Revolution, with forefathers
as militay officers.

American Pie means more than most people can comprehend.

Thank you for your profound interpretation.

God bless you.



Charles Phelps Yancy <christian5454@hotmail.com>
I love your interpretation of the song.But I like Madonna`s version also.

Sarwat Qadeer
I'd like to say 'thanks' to you for helping me find this nice interpretation of American Pie and 'congratulations' on your useful website. Well done!
Gilberto Vaz <bertt@globo.com>
I'd like to say 'thanks'to you for helping me find this nice interpretation or American Pie and 'congratulations'on your useful website. Well done!
Gilberto Vaz <bertt@globo.com>
American Pie always has been one of my favorite songs. I was a senior in high school when it came out and was disapointed when it was only the number two song for the year.

I was on our school football and wrestling teams and we used to sing American Pie on the team busses all of the time. I still like to sing the song with some of my friends when there is a karaoke machine around.

Rick Hughes <rhughes@silganmfg.com>
I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS SITE. I was given this song in English & had to find "hidden meanings" however, not being born during that era prevented me from truly understanding these hidden meanings. So thank you for not only revealing the answers, but also giving me a peek into our nations past.
Yoshi <rtyoshi@aloha.net>
Hawaii, U.S.A.
Hello! Amy Catering San Diego California. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook and thank you for your website. Glad you are here.
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I was just searching the net about the lyrics of the song when accidently came across your site. Basicly I like your interpretations,but there are a few things you didn't seem too sure about. I wish you would expand on it a little more. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this song with everybody. This song reminds me of my student days when I was living in St. Albans, Herts England. Good luck.
Ghaleb Eid <gmaneid@yahoo.com>
Philadelphia,P.A. USA
i have alsways loved this song and now that i know what the song is about, i love it even more!
melissa dominy <missydominy@hotmail.com>
This is a great website for a great singer

never really thought about it, thanks for the wrinkles.
kerry m gould
usa ,pennsylvania

daryl <darylleo23@hotmail.com>

We re-discovered American Pie on a .50 tape played on a Jeep Wrangler as we climbed shelf roads in the back country of Crested Butte, Colorado. That led us to once again question what the song really meant. I have downloaded your word document and while I know I have heard slightly different interpretations, yours is excellent. Thanks!
Linda Cook and Richard Smith <cook.l@ems-t.com>

I always wondered what the meaningof Amrican Pie. Thanks to your research, I finally know. This is a very symbolic, poetic, and meaningful tune.
G W <mrinez@aol.com>

I really enjoyed your web site. I have listened to Don's music all my life and now I am sharing it with my daughter
a bates
Texas, Usa

I really enjoyed your comments on American Pie. As an aging Baby Boomer who lived through that period of time, I remember that song very well and how it captured so much of what was happening. Thanks for your site, it really brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad, but that's life.
Peter Johnson <pjohnson@colchester-county.ns.ca>

Great Job! Thanks for taking the many hours of time to try to explain what seems to be unexplainable.
I can't help but think Don McLean had no intention of writing such a complex tune in it's making. It probably made perfect simple sense to him while he was writing it. Little did he know he wrote "Rock-N-Rolls Anthem"

Dan <Glove419@go.com>

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kimberley richardson <krichardson@ferrari.it>

A very interesting interpretation, the vagueries of the song allow for wide speculation but I agree with a lot of your insights.
Michael Kelly <mllkelly@cox.net>

I found out about this through the about.com newsletter of 9-3-2002. Very interesting.
Arlene Davis <arlenedavis@onewest.net>

Enjoyed the analysis of the song. Very intriguing.
Margaret <mdalespa@mb.sympatico.ca>

I was 10 when the plane went down in a Iowa corn field . We were all sad as I lived around Sioux Falls , South Dakota . My friend , Myron Lee , the biggest Rock-In-Roll singer of the Midwest from Sioux Falls , almost got to go that night . He still crys over Budddy , Richie & the Big BeepBobber . We both do . We will both remember "On the left stands Buddy holly , a shy grin on his face , in the middle stands a stought man & on the right a young man just 17" "Gee , we,re going to miss you everybody sends our love."
MiaGuitar <miaguitar@hotmail.com>

I love the site. It's been a while since i've visited as i cleared out my Bookmarks and well, lost the URL.
I love the song American Pie, and i'm so glad you have the Star wars parody up...i heard it the other day in a shop and it was sounded so cool (i've only ever read it before)

Rakel <meeow_@hotmail.com>
Great Britain

Thank you for all the work and reasonable interpretation (without assuming Don M agrees). Since a kid, I always was inrigued with what I interpreted as Don saying: "This is art, you interpret it; don't ask the artist to explain. Everyone's interpretation is part of the art." Good job.
Steve Spector <steve_spector@macerich.com>

Thanks for the information about the song.
I am 43 years old and have just started to play the guitar.
I'm going through a stage of learning my favourite songs of which American Pie is one. It really is a case of thinking youi know a song until you really get close to it. The words were facinating to me prior but really got me intrigued as I started to learn the song. I started to get the fealing that it was all about the killing of JFK and was happy to find that there were references in it from this page.

Thanks again


Stan Kaine <kaine@tecc.com.au>

I found your site extremely interesting. I often tried to interpret "American Pie" and my ideas run fairly parallel with your views. Great work!!!!Thank you.
Chris Atkinson
Auburn, Ontario, Canada

I have only recently become interested in the lyrics to American Pie after my brother told me about how his English teacher had expained them all to him. This is one of the best sites I have visited s far. Keep up the good work!
Michael Baranowski <gangstabaz@hotmail.com>

Thanks for this insight into the song's lyrics. I've loved the song for many years, but never understood it - although some references seemed almost too obvious. Your site has helped my understanding it a great deal more. Thank You!!

Mike <Mike@terra42.freesrve.co.uk>

I was very interested to read this. I have loved this song for so long but I never realized that there could have been hidden meanings to the words. Thank you for enlightening me, it was a very interesting read.
Rebecca McMullen <bumblebeetunacool@yahoo.com.au>

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its a great site packed full of info u need on the(in my opiniom) greatest songwriter and singer of all times. i love his song american pie coz it goes so in deep and makes u think and feel how precious liofe really is.
kristy wilson <sexy_goddess_4_u@hotmail.com>

One of my favorite songs! Was searching for the lyrics and was doing a search under Mr. McClean's name but was misspelling it so nothing was found. I was searching under McClain. So went to search Buddy Holly and found a website with mention of the American Pie Song by Don McClean! I really get upset when I catch the song on the radio and they end up only playing the "short" version! I was born in 1965 and live in Ohio.
Paula Hall <phall89@hotmail.com>

A friend and I were driving home from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and were listening to this CD. I loved it 30 years ago and I loved it driving down the canyon in the mountains. I wanted to know more about the lyrics as it had been years since we'd actually listened and thought about the words. We were close on some of them...thanks for the insight!

Barb <ba45bag@aol.com>

Hi there, this is an amazing home page ... really! I just heard American Pie this morning on the radio and I wanted to see the interpretation of the lyrics. I searced for "American Pie" on google.com and I found Don McLean's official homepage. There your interpretation was mentioned in a link .. and I'm so glad I read your interpretation - it's great!!

Thanx for all the energy you've put into this home page ... we need more people like you out here!!

Best regards,
Vivian, Copenhagen/Denmark

Vivian <vic@ap.dk>

Great website.
I've been trying to find something similar on Bob Dylan (Mr.Tambourine Man)but just tons of websites with the lyrics.

maynie <mayniezaman@hotmail.com>

thanyou for the visit
gordon <glmtype2@yahoo.com>

I really enjoyed reading your inturpretation.

I think I tend to agree with most of what you have taken out of the song.

Thanks again

Chelle :)

Rachelle <rachelle_1977@hotmail.com>

really appreciate your attention to detail...but hey, I'm a Virgo
...wow, can't believe it took me 30 years to look it up...
take care & many thanks!

katherine rose <felderhof@sympatico.ca>

good lord, you really are great
this interpretation is absolutely brilliant. well done. my friend actually did this for part of his assignment on rock music, and it really was brilliant. i now cry everytime i here american pie. curse stupid madonna for re-doing it.
anyway well done you really are very very cool
i praise you!!
go you!

you rock <yeahbabymoo@hotmail.com>

I enjoyed reading your interpratation of American Pie. That song hit's home to everyone in the U.S.A anyways. There isn't a person I've met who doesn't like the song. Alot of us don't exactly know what it's about, but like any other well written song, you can always draw your own conclusion. What ever conclusion you draw, in the end it's still a GREAT song. Well done. Sincerely, Todd Hosford
Todd Hosford <hootnei@msn.com>

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Brill and the lyrical interpretation is very thought provoking and brill!
Titsylina Bumsk-wash <g-cardy@newbury-college.ac.uk>

GREAT website--THANKS! I heard BBAP on the radio yesterday and decided to finally look into the lyrics, and your website came up first when I searched Metacrawler. Thanks again!.
Paul Lowe

This site is fantastic. I have always enjoyed listening to "American Pie" and knew vaguely what some of the symbolism was about. I always knew it went deeper, and today, for some reason, i just needed to know what everything stood for. i think the interpretation is very accurate, and i love that you have encompassed many different possibilities instead of just writing what you think the song meant. hanks so much for bringing me some clarity!
Jessica <LoserChick12@aol.com>

Found your site through a Google search. Interesting interpretation, among others! Thanks for your thoughts....
Cliff Hungerford <chunger108@yahoo.com>


I just moved to Ireland and felt homesick for Los Angeles where I grew up so started listening to American Pie again. Strangely, the version I know best is a cover by John Denver. Anyway, I could discern enough amazing subtlety in the song to go looking for the full story and I found it on your website. Thank you so much for enriching my experience of the song!!

Sommer Gentry <sommerg@mit.edu>
U.S.A. and Ireland

For me as a Pole it's difficult to rate your job
but I've learnt a lot about the song and about
the American's music and artists.
From now on the song will not be only a pleasent
sequence of notes for me but will become a deeper experience.
Thank You

Mirek <mirekcho@kki.net.pl>

Very good I read about the references a number of years ago and wished I'd cut it out so I was glad to find your website. What a fantastic song both lyrically and musically.

All the best

Ian <i.buchanan@ucl.ac.uk>

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Thanks heaps for the fantastic website that explains SO much!
I really love the song, ‘American Pie’ and I had always wondered what it meant.
And we had to study some kind of song lyrics for an English assignment and I decided to study American Pie as it is one of my favourite songs. Your website helped me to understand the song much better and as a result I got a really good mark on the assignment.
Keep up the good work and well done!

Rebecca Eden <ddaisy_85@hotmail.com>
New Zealand

I am 17 and i had figured out a lot of it like: The Jester and Bob Dylan, The Sergants and the Beatles and many other things. This is my favorite song of all times and i like it even more now that i understand more about it. Thank you
Andrew Page

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Mats Rekonius <mats.rekonius@skanska.se>

Thank you for your interpretation of 'American Pie'. I would have to agree with each verse as you see it. And it offers explanations to the song.
Michael Jones <mjshark9928@aol.com>

On June 28, 2002 we attended a concert by Don McLean at Chautauqua, N.Y, during which he played and sang all the verses of American Pie. The audience responded with such enthusiasm that people were singing and dancing in the aisles. I was so intrigued that I used the Ask Jeeves search machine (www.ask.com) to find out more. I remembered the song, of course, but I wanted to learn more. Thank you for this fine site.
Lee Ross <Lee3961@aol.com>

You have a fairly accurate interpretation of McLean's song. What you have here coincides pretty well with what I've read in the past about the song. There are some insights I'd like to offer though. First, the verse that says, "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick" may be a reference to President Kennedy. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was Kennedy's quick diplomacy that averted nuclear war. In this context, the line that says "fire is the devil's only friend" could be interpreted as mocking the belligerence of the Communists. I think one of the most cryptic lines is the one about "The Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost." Aside from the obvious Christian symbolism, it seems most likely that it refers to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper. The theories that place Grossman as "The Father" or Malcolm X as "The Holy Ghost" seem unlikely and untenable. Great site!
Asad <Asad123@aol.com>

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The song has always inspired me. It was very interesting to read your thoughts and information.
Michelle <michellemartin23@hotmail.com>
United States

Have always loved the song and although I knew about the Buddy Holly plane crash connection, have always been intrigued to understand the whole meaning of the song.

Thanks very much.

Amanda Ciccone

Ahh, I've been studying English and your very lucky or I would sent this in Russian, I enjoyed American Pie very much, will the sequel be called Russian Pie? It is very good and I am willing to give the recipie at anytime.lol. Veicreibak steyabh jiok naneta!(very good site, keep it up)(it is hard to write Russian in English letters,took me 5 mins)
Romanov <jokaman87@hotmail.com>

Your songs are awesome, even though they are impressions and crtisization songs, I love to listen to The Night that Santa went crazy, The saga Begins, Who let the cows out etc. your songs are awesome and I hope you impersonate more.i have downloaded very many of your songs and would like to try to find more. Thank you
Matthius the great <jokaman87@hotmail.com>

I always wondered about the meaning of the song, having heard so many interpretations. I can't give a reinterpretation of it myself (too young?) so I was happy to read yours. Thanks!
Jade <janusface@msn.com>

nice ibanez site

Enjoyed your website on American Pie. Thanks!
Cheryl Mango <Puzzlr1@aol.com>

American Pie is probably the best song I've ever listen!!!
Boong <boong_2001@hotmail.com>

Just f'n around the net & found your site very interesting. I LIKE!!!!
Kim <w8ing422@aol.com>

i found your site through msn. I'm a real fan of don mcclean and always speculated myself on what americam pie was indeed sung for. Great insights here, Thanks.
don anura

may the force be with you (great)
skyler <pokemon5964@hotmail>

Dear Mr. Don Mc Lean

I think AMERICAN PIE can compete with Simon + Garfunkel's BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER + THE BOXER, for the title of the most American song.


Antony Demetriade LL.M. A.C.I.I. <Antony@LSEalumni.com>

Brilliant Interpretation, I can now see the song in a whole new light.
Michael Smith <boffy@yahoo.com>

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas. Very insightful.
Becca <ralvarado4@mail.esc4.com>

I have heard it said that the Jester is Joe Namath. Don McLean hated Joe, and part way through the season the song was written he broke his leg so he was "on the side line in a cast" You may have already heard this but just in case you haven't there you go.
Nate Degn <ngdegn@juno.com>

The jester is most definitely bob dylan...
"when jester sang for the king and queen"
..bob dylan in 1962 went to englnad to star in a bbc programme
as a rebel of some sort...
and during his visit..in london he
sang in a few clubs..doing gigs...
and on of them is called..."The King and Queen"
...so..literally Bob Dylan did sing for The king and queen...

..and bob in his early years was know as a comic singer...because he wrote..light funny comocal materials...

coseo <aheggersonthereyouare@yahoo.co.uk>

Wow - what a great site! Found my way here by accident-was looking to see who recorded Vincent - (Starry Starry Night) and one thing led to another and here I am. Thanks for creating such a neat place!
Cherie <cheshe77@aol.com>

I like your site,
keep up the good work.


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I work at a theatre that just finished showing "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story." I got to see the show, and became curious about Buddy Holly. While looking at the official Buddy Holly website, I noticed the phrase "The Day The Music Died." I had never heard that the song was a reference in any way to Buddy Holly, but I immediately recognized the connection. I then searched on Google for a website with an interpretation of the lyrics, and ended up here. American Pie is a really fascinating song, and you do an excellent job of analyzing its symbolism. Thanks for a fabulous site!
Roo <kimbyrle@yahoo.com>

i think the real winner in this is don mcleans haircut......damn that guy goes off.. i wanna have sexual relations with this man...he is so hot and so are his songs...i love this site and all the people in the world..lets hear it for cricket...
Angus Mcgee

...yeah man,,,right on...
all songs should be like this dude...
..mtv ruined it all...
death to mtv...

eggerson <aheggersonthereyouare@yahoo.co.uk>

I was wondering what the meaning of the song was. You helped clear up some answers, but brought some more on. Thanks!
Cecile Bolek <cec13@excite.com>

I really enjoyed this website. It had a wealth of pictures and quotes from the period that inspired the song.
I used the site to find the lyics to American Pie so I can perform it live in a Cafe in London, and I could never remember all six verses! (Especially not with Madonna and Antonio flying round in my pop head).
Nice one.

John Weston <longjohnweston@yahoo.fr>

I really like your interpretation, and I'm going to use it in my english classes I hope you hear from my students. If you wanna know Chile is in South America. See u.

Moira Joui <moirajoui@yahoo.com>

Nice interpretation. For years I wondered if Jagger was Satan...Now i know. :) thanks for the cool trip. Makes me really appreciate Don's Music and his meanings. Later
M. Marsh <mattforyounow@hotmail.com>

I'd like to thank you for the work you did on "American Pie" song - I have lived in US for 10 years and I kept wondering about the meaning of this song. First it catches a listener by its mellodic sound and a smooth rhyme, but I could feel there is much more to this song that meets the eye at first.

And it is obviouse that without a very detailed and unique knowledge of American history and the history of the Rock'n'roll it is almost impossible to fully appreciate this song (all the references to historical events, drugs, names, common phrases, and etc.).

So I am very glad I found your interpretation. And although I perfectly am aware that this is just a one-person (or maybe several people's) interpretation, and by no means the official meaning (I do not believe any poetry can ever have a finite "official meaning" and even when I write my own poems and let people read it, I do not usually explain what I was trying to say, but rather hear their interpretation to see how did they relate to what I wrote) - this was definitely very insightful and helpful article!



Edward <edwardshtrulis@yahoo.com>

Your interpretations are interesting and you have obviously researched the song. Thank you for the site
Kim <lilypily@yahoo.com>


I really like your American Pie stuff. I'm a college professor, and I'm teaching a course on the Cold War in American film and music this summer. May I use your materials on American Pie for my course? I might print it out, or I may just refer all my students to it.

Good work,

russ reising

Russ Reising <russedelic@buckeye-express.com>

Hi (Hello!) Thank you for your Hospitality. Checking out 50,60's music and songs for our youngest daughter's wedding reception. Good Luck, R & P. Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.
Bride's Mum <pelsdon@yahoo.com>

Just passing through, looking for the lyrics for American Pie. Nice site, though.


i found this one by searching with google as i was thinking of stuff we can use for english classes. see i love american pie, this is, imho, one of the best songs ever made and don is a genius. NOTHING and NOBODY ELSE can reach him.
well, i have thought bout the lyrics too but i had problems with interprating some passages likely as i dont know much bout buddy holly and dylan's hystory. but youre text is just great. reading this i got "gosse skin" (aik, i don't know the english expression so i translated from german its when your hairs raise... think you got it ;) ). its very fascinating to discover all the thought don must have had writing this fabulous song.
if you're working on other interpretations, well good luck and a lot of fun. do well

alex <asmh9000@gmx.net>

Hi to all my friends
Carl C.

Grüsse aus Deutschland

I am doing a research paper for a college writing class and I chose to evaluate "American Pie". I have not read all of your interpretation because I want my interpretation to be figured out on my own. So far I have done the first two verses and the chorus. So far I agree with what you have said. I am having a lot of fun with this paper. Thank you for the info.
tanya <noalee@msn.com>

Blake Burbank <bonl@QuixNet.net>

I wanted to know the interpretation of the song and I went to askjeeves.com. That's where I found your informative, enjoyable website.
Eva Cochran

Thought I would sign! Like the colors!

Wow. I found this site looking for the lyrics, as I wanted to parody them for a pantomime I'm writing... and I was absolutely staggered by everything I found. I've been a huge fan of Bob Dylan for ages - your interpretations of the references to him nearly made me cry. As did the rest of it. Having been a lonely teenage bronkin' buck never having any luck for seven years now, it certainly strikes a chord....

Michael S. Repton

Michael S. Repton

Got here looking for Buddy Holly lyrics in Google. Great data!
Victor Navarrete <vhuet@umich.edu>

teed <teed2@poczta.onet.pl>

I've always loved this song, it has been my all time favourite. So it was great to be able to see the interpretation that has been put on it.
Karen Wood <kazwood@hotmail.com>

really good piece of interpretive work mate, makes you stop and think about what he was trying to say in the song. Nice one!
Mick Griffin <mick.griffin@marconi.com>

I appreciate the time you spent, it gave me an insight to the going's on of seemingly non-important pub/kareoke songs.
John <n/a>

this is about the 10th time i've read your interpretation and i'm still transfixed everytime. very interesting to read



I never knew there was so much debate about the meaning of the song. I guess somewhat naively, I believed the "American Pie Explained" by Kasey Kasem (?) was somehow done with Don McLean's help/permission/cooperation. Gosh...now I'll have to tell my friend to jump into the search herself--if she cares! Very interesting.
Pam <PamCreel@msn.com>

I have been meaning to do research into elements underlying the lyrics that struck such a cord within me...you see these elements were my life...Among my first "45 RPM" purchases was "That'll be the day"...race riots, Dylan, Joplin, Vietnam, White Rabbit...starting with record hops...the oldies...and the rest is fairly well recorded in your interpretations...Thanks so much!
Ron Russell <ronrussell@snip.net>

Great website! Very insightful and informative.

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Nutie <lllllllllll@hotmail.com>

I found your site while searching for an interpretation of "Stairway to Heaven" for a grade ten poetry class I'm teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed your site and as a result decided to use "American Pie" for my class on lyric analysis. My students loved the song and it was a terrific springboard for discussions on history, music, religion, politics and coming of age. The time just flew by, the bell caught us by surprise and the students streamed out the door singing American Pie. Thank you for producing such a useful, informative and accurate website.
Christine O'Gallagher <Christine_O'Gallagher@csrs.qc.ca>
Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada


Good, Interesting variation on lyrics, best and most convincing I have read well researched and presented

Thank you for putting this together. A/ Pies words have interested me for some time and I did hear an interperatton some years ago on Casey Cassin Top 40. ( 1974??).
I found it facinatationg but only in recent years have I really wanted to know about it again.

Steve R

Steve Robinson <wabill@iinet.net.au>

Very Interesting
Terry Restall <trestall@hotmail.com>

Found your site via a search on Google after people at the office started commenting on the song's meaning while it was on the radio. Very interesting--thanks for doing this!
Stephen Cohen <tuscohens@mindspring.com>

Great interpretation--I am considering using this song in one of my freshman compositions classes. Thanks
Carol Daniels <jgfan24@nwol.net>

This is the best song of all time.

DC in Florida


Your site is interesting!!
jay <jay675@hotmail.com>

I enjoyed the analysis. Thanks for posting it.
Jim Lewis <drjim@gate.net>

Great site, thanks. I found a link off a Salon article about the Stones.

One comment: I've always thought that the Train mentioned in the last verse is from "The City of New Orleans" by Steve Goodman.


Note the lines:
"Through the Mississippi darkness
Rolling down to the sea.
And all the towns and people seem
To fade into a bad dream
And the steel rails still ain't heard the news.
The conductor sings his song again,
The passengers will please refrain
This train's got the disappearing railroad blues.

Good night, America, how are you?
Don't you know me I'm your native son,
I'm the train they call The City of New Orleans"

It came out a year before American Pie and has the same sad tone.


Mike Kane <mrmikekane@attbroadband.com>

This was a most interesting article on the meaning of "American Pie". But I couldn't help noticing that you omitted your interpretation of why McLean's hands were 'clenched in fists of rage'. Was that one of the symptoms of heroin useage? Or was it a reference to the Stones' "Street Fighting Man"?
And I figured that when a "forward pass" was attempted, it mean that the players were trying to move forward and "progress" musically. But the "marching band" were the old school band who refused to conform.
And the girl that just "smiled and turned away" might have been Janis Joplin, but I was thinking that McLean was referring Chris Chubbock, a roving reporter who shot herself to death on the air in 1970. Just a thought.

Jonathan <naughty9@earthlink.net>
United States

I am a musician and I play in a brass orchestra. Next week we are doing a concert with a special theme: filmmusic.
We are playing the music and some parts of the movies are show on white screen, just with a videoplayer and a beamer.
We are also going to play the Madonna's song "american pie".
I got the movie "american pie" and while looking at it I thought there might be something wrong. In the first place the titlesong of Madonna is not in the movie. I know that Madonna covered the song from Don McClean, but he must have had another story in his mind then the movie that I've got at this moment. So I started to search the internet to find out more about "American Pie", the song and the movie.
That's how I got to this site.
Maybe, you can help me.
I would be very pleased.



Jan van der Veen <jan025@zonnet.nl>
The Netherlands


Don didn't have a movie in mind when he made the song. It was made a long time before the film American Pie which Don granted the use of the name for. Madonna covered the song for the movie "The Next Big Thing".

Hope this is helpful, feel free to ask more questions!

Good luck with the concert,


A BIG fan of Don McLean, American Pie, and Starry Starry Night (Vincent)
Annie <allabrie@mcn.net>

I am a 50 year old man and I was driving home with my wife and son. The song brought back memories from when we were in high school in the early seventies.
Peter Zimler <hpzimler@optonline.net>
United States

Searching for the real story on American Pie. We saw McClean sing a free street concert in South Dakota the summer of 2000. His voice has held up pretty well and he's obviously very talented.
Steve Brown <stevesmiles@hotmail.com>

I really enjoyed your site. I was just surfing the web and i saw this site that looked interesting--and it was. I enjoyed the interpretation b/c it really made me think about the deeper meanings beyond the song. anyways, good job with the site! thanks.
Maria <bushgirl7@hotmail.com>

I love your site. I am doing a project on music of the 60s for a college seminar on the history of the 1960s. I thought the analysis was great and also came up with a few of my own ideas on what things meant. I wish there were more sites dedicated to preserving some of these awesome songs.
Lauren Barrett <ljaye@earthlink.net>

I was a teenage boy when this song came out driving a 1970 Chevelle 396 Super Sport. I was sure this song was written for me to drive around in my very fast Chevy
Bill Shaw <bill@opusa.com>
Good Ole USA

this was an incredible, and informative site about american pie. i'm a 20 year old college student and i've found that most of my classmates know the chorus and like the song but that is all they think of it as. just a song. i've always of it as more than that and i've been trying to learn as much as i can about the history and meaning of this song. i knew most of the basic stuff with bob dylan and the crash but a lot of it helped put more of the puzzle pieces together. one question though, i don't know if you respond to this or not but, does american pie give reference to marilyn monroe. that has always be what i thought to be true after her death and the amount of fame she had? well, just wanted to say it was a great site and i enjoyed it. thanks a lot.
Tanner Shaw <tlshaw22@hotmail.com>

good site. very imformative. im hoping to give a speech on how people interpret this song. could you by any chance tell me where you found that quote by Don McLean you have in the conclusion? i would really appreciate it
mary <lilgreenskittle@hotmail.com>

This is very interesting. I have been curious about this song for a while , and couldn't find the meaning. My friend gave me the site address. Thank you!

nice site!
benno <degred@gmx.net>

Hello luxury cruises Keep up the good work :)

I really like the way you put out the information. I was really wondering about that song.

I had never heard (or read) such an explanation you've written
Actually, this is the first time I know about an American Pie's interpretation. Whatever, I congratulate you for your research and I apreciate your information, 'cause in may country there's no many places or radio stations where you can find comments about folk rock music.
I wonder if you have some others comments about songs like "Babylon", "Vincent" or "Magdalane Lane".



Please, forgive my misspeling.

Héctor Méndez <jammeswood@hotmail.com>

Cool Site. "Keep on Keeping on." (Cheech & Chong.)
Catherine Lake

Listening to music has always been a major part of my life. I've sang along to "American Pie" for years and never really thought about what it all might mean. After reading all of your site, I think you're right on target. I loved the site, excellent job! You're a tribute to Don McClean as much as he is to music. Thank you for that!
Frank <jr_stressed@hotmail.com>

GREAT site!!!
Traci LaRose <tntlarose@aol.com>

Very illuminating and helped me understand much loved phrases for long not understood. One point - surely it's sacrificial rite, not sacrificial right. Thanks for a great public service, JD
John Dougill <dougill@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp>
British in Japan

I always liked that song and wanted to know what the lyrics mean...thanks for your site!
Ron Faber

Loved reading your writting on "Miss Amer. Pie."
It was not long enough! You missed the whole thing of Eddie from Eddie and the Cruisers driving his new Chevy off of a levee and dying (body never found). Then again McLean's manager had a name like Levee and could not promote a single hit rock star (The Levee was dry). Thanks! SC

Scott Colcord <sc23@whoever.com>

Thanks! I've often wondered about many of the lyrics. Excellent job on the interpretations. Cheers from California.
Steve <Smickel950@aol.com>

Great website! Yeah! Keep it up!


Great info on the song. I really enjoy the way you provided the visual images along with the text. My daughter is five and this is one of her favorite songs. As my first name is Marks she thinks "the book on Marx" refers to me.
Marks Alexander <marksalexander@earthlink.net>
Atlanta, GA USA

Out of all of the websites i've visited on this subject yours is most def. the best one. you give reason's for your thinking which most people don't. thankyou for your hardwork

gabe betts

Gabe Betts <betts_11@hotmail.com>

Thanks for your insight. Certain verses were always a mystery to me; this site has helped explain some of the ambiguities.
Kathleen Morton <kmorton@hawaii.edu>

Thanks for a really enjoyable half hour reading your interpretation of this great song. I've been singing it and strumming it for 20 years now without so much as a single thought as to what all that imagery was about. Your page is very thought-provoking, very visual and, I think, very accurate.

BTW, I'd always sung "Do you recall what was *the feel*" instead of "revealed" (makes sense, actually)

"my" lyrics :

As the players tried to take the field,
The marching band refused to yield.
Do you recall what was the feel
The day the music died? We started singin :

Whatever, thanks again, I'll be back :)

Mike <mjc2002@hotmail.com>

All I have to say is that I like this site...I was looking for the lyrics of the famous song....and I found them here at this site....so thanks..!
Gabriela Anna Konradi <kya_taz@yahoo.com>

This was a very insiteful website and helpped me alot with an english class on pop culture that i am taking
Cris Asquith

great site! this song has such rich history and meaning, McLean is a genius.

I never thought about "American Pie" having such a complex meaning,
and I've always just taken it for face value. (i.e. talking about the
devil and I thought he really meant the devil, not a singer!)
I never really liked the song before, even though I've always
admired it, but now I like it! Thank You!


Very informative.
Tony <teleport895@msn.com>
United States of America

does anyone know of or has a four voice arrangement of American Pie for choir? Please let me know, thank you

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27 IDX 106 - Odinn

I use American Pie, and Vincent in my 6th grade classroom to teach poetry. Thank you very much.
mary baker <malicia13@aol.com>

I was lucky enough to witness Don Mclean in concert in the small Midwestern college town of Whitewater, Wisconsin USA. 10/23/99. 'American Pie' was, of course, the highlight of the evening. I'll always remember it & enjoy the song more than ever because of that small venue.
Tim Piat <tpiatt@hotmail.com>

After reading your explanations, now I can really enjoy one may favourite songs. I had blindly liked it for years, and now it takes a full and wonderful sense.
Alfredo Bautista <albapa16@hotmail.com>

great site !
Georg <gr@tplus.at>

Found a link to your site from an article at salon.com (http://www.salon.com/ent/masterpiece/2002/01/14/sympathy/index.html).
Very interesting, thanks.

David L.
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Thank you
Jennifer <dangerssis@msn.com>

Entertaining site,well done.I don't know if you're
correct but neither do you!
I came across the site looking for info on Buddy Holly
one of my favourite singers.I was born in 1947 which
was too late for Buddy but just right for Bob Dylan,
Beatles and the Stones they all appeared in the city
where I still live, Birmingham ,it is the second largest
city in the UK.
God Bless America!

David Marsh <marshdandj@blueyonder.co.uk>

awesome site, ill write more

jason <vcisjb@mail.com>
us of a

It would be better with the words to the song

It's great that you can find websites like yours: I just recently listened again to Miss American Pye and wondered what the meaning was. I was hoping to find the lyrics of the song with Google amd I arrived at your site; I enjoyed reading it all.
I think you did a very good work, and your interpretation is probably mostly correct.Thank you

Stefano Schacherl <stefano.s@mclink.it>

I think this song is about the evolution of rock and roll.
For better, worse, and best. I give absolute credence to the statement by the (unremembered) DJ who (in approximately 1988)pointed out that the song begins being recorded in mono, advances to hi-fi, and culminates (in the last reprise) in stereo -- just as the technology progressed! I consider this to be THE masterpiece of modern music and the work of a true genius. He could have chronicled the history of R&R in his lyrics and just left it there -- rather easy to do. But to combine it with the advents of technology as well makes it utterly unique! I realize your emphasis is on the lyrics, but you should give consideration to the technical side of the recording as well.

bill warren hudnall <maxima1959 @ aol.com>
baton rouge, la, usa

Great site!!!!
allways loved this song and after seeing this website I will love it even more. Thanks
PS: looking for a 45 for my juke box, HELP!!!

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Nice job putting all this information together.
Michael Lipkin <msl@trackdata.com>

Your site is great! Have a good one!
Asian Avenue <lisbethg_g@canada.com>

Your site is great! Have a good one!
Asian Avenue <lisbethg_g@canada.com>

Your site is great! Have a good one!
Asian Avenue <lisbethg_g@canada.com>

Hi, I've always wanted an interpretation of this song. I had forgot about it until I switched to an Oldies radio station and hear the song twice in one day and decided to search the web for an interpretation and found yours. I think that it is great. How long did it take you to do the research and interpretation?


Keith Lindley

Keith Lindley <KLin361032@aol.com>
Memphis, Tn,. USA

You have settled a small disagreement. Thanks
Phoenix Lavin
New Zealand

I did a search on Google. Your site answered a lot of questions I had. I love the tune and the poetry, but almost all the references made no sense to me since I was born in 1969. Thanks for a clear, consise explanation.
laurie corriveau <laurie_corriveau@hotmail.com>

Interesting! Thanks.
E. Thomas

P.Cramer <villekantee@web.de>

I've listened to this song since I was a young kid and never realy had a clue about what the hell it realy ment. I just realy liked the song for what it was, and that was fun. It wasn't until recently when I started dateing this girl that listened to this song over and over again did I start to realy wounder the real meaning of it. Thanks for the info. it was great.

Pat Sanders

Pat Sanders <sanderspat21@yahoo.com>

Great! It seems that Mclean's words expressed much more than 10 big books about American cultures.
Toni <verandah@access.inet.co.th>

Thank you for this interesting place.
Jaime Garzon <Jaime.garzon@ibsco.com.co>

good song... but put in an mp3 wth WORDS
mark <ripmercury91@aol.com>

Shari <sbacurin@hotmail.com>

All i can say is that this is a FANTASTIC achievement for me to have eventually found your site, it was worth the while looking for.WELL DONE!!!!!
John Robertshaw
England / Greater Manchester

LIke many others I absolutelylove this song. Thanks for the informative and enjoyable site.
Debra Parker <crawfrig@hotkey.net.au>

i have been looking for this for years..i was in high school when this song came out, and always wondered what it meant. now i want starry,starry night..lol
Vicki Hannon <hannonhouse2000@hotmail.com>

I'm 46 and told my wife the only thing I wanted for Christmas was Don McLean's "American Pie" with both the full song and the discriptive version.
Two thoughts: 1. Could the 'pink carnation and a pick-up truck' verse refer to Elvis Presley and then him joining the army? 2. Jack Flash sat on a candlestick -- The Apollo craft blowing up on the launch pad??
Interesting, thought provoking site. Thanks!!!

Thom West <instargazer@hotmail.com>

I was looking for a site concerning Indian horses, my wife is painting a figure of an Indian on top of a rearing horse, and she wanted some reference towards a colour for the horse. However, your site came included in the search so I couldn;t resist taking a gander(look), and once there had to read more. Now I have to break away and continue my search, but as Arnie says, "I'll be back" :-)



Brian D Berry <brian.d.berry@btinternet.com>
United Kingdom

Vdery nice! I was listening to the album and decided to do a web site for the *meaning* of American Pie. Used Ask Jeeves and found your site. Good work.

Dan T
Alabama, USA

What an incredible site ! I have adored this song as long as I can remember and have had great fun trying to come up with meaning to the lyrics. The only thing I would add, is about the last verse: Father, Son and Holy Ghost....I'd always heard was referencing;JFK, MLK and Bobby Kennedy...obviously McLean was more influenced by musicians than regular famous people, but the death of those three had an impact on history and particularly people of the sixties that has probably not been felt since.
Just one more interpretation ! Thanks for the site man,

Tresha O'Connor <tocker2000@hotmail.com>

Enjoyed your site. I have always wondered about the lyrics and was very pleased with your site. I am a history/gifted teacher at a high school and hope to teach a course on music and society. Your site has definitely given me some good ideas. Thanks!
Amy <ames810@aol.com>

I was spellbound by the detailed interpretation of Don McCleans, American Pie.
I am a 17year old who was very much touched by the songs lyrics and even more so now that an insight has been provided. Even though i didnt live in the age that McClean wrote the song, i have come to realise about the turbulence of the era and the use of music as expression. It is this that makes me realise why the true classics are not only universal but timless.
Thank you

Angela <Pange84@hotmail.com>

Was reading an article in my local paper that noted that 30 years ago today American Pie was the No. 1 single. That got me thinking again about an explaination of the song that I had heard years ago. I e-mailed the columnist, told him some things that I remember about the explaination, and then decided to some research of my own.

Thanks it's a great website. I'll bookmark it!

Tom Newberg <tompatnew@aol.com>
U.S.A. (Detroit)

Great website. Very informative. I haven't researched the song as you have, but some of the conclusions that you have reached were the same as mine. As for the parts of the song that I hadn't made up my mind about, your interpretation looks to flow and fit in well with the general theme of American Pie. Cheers mate.

Dan Procter <daniel_procter>
New Zealand (currently living in the UK)

i always wondered what that was all about. some interesting thoughts. thank you
danny belt <dannyb8264@aol.com>

it was really great to actually read what the song meant. thank you. im from ohio and i used a search engine that gave me a link to a microsoft conspiracy theory interpretation. it had a link to your site.
bill <hotrodblues81@aol.com>

This is wonderful! I have always been a fan of "American Pie", but have never found an interpretation that is so comprehensive. Congrats on a marvelous site.
Jessica <WonderMegy@cs.com>

that was great thank you so much taugt me so much i always wanted to know.
jim <jtaleski@mpx.com.au>

Thanks for sharing! You've obviously done a lot of studying and hard thinking on this, which puts you into a rather small group, so far as I can tell. I'm in that group as well, and I wish I'd had your help when I was putting an interpretation together, in 1972, for a poetry lecture I used to motivate college students to take a greater interest in poetry. Most of the songs I used were fairly easy to interpret, and it was therefore easy to sell the interpretation to the class. American Pie was a tough one, because it covers such a broad range of events and personalities, and uses such an intense array of symbols and literary allusions.
Nice work. I wish we could have a sit-down on this subject, like we did in the 60s and 70s, and trade ideas and info on this very special poem. But, alas, this is 2001, and such things are far less likely now-a-days.
Thanks again, and keep on thinkin'!

bill simmons <bs@pacific.net>

we like madonna's version better, jk, really jk
ang <Angski21@aol.com>

I've been trying to find the interpretation of this song for ages, i hate not understanding songs i love! I received an email from a friend who had done a bit of surfing and came up with this site, thanks for helping, you've obviously put a heap of time into reasearching it!
Virginia Henry


alan <klyeunghk@yahoo.com>

This was interesting! Alot I knew already but interesting all the same. You have answered a very popular question and you answered it well. Thank you. CB.
c.breslin <ciara_breslin@hotmail.com>

Great web site.
John Brown

great site, i always wanted an explanation of htis song
thanks alot!


Lot's of stuff here :)

a very thoughtful site. i am too young to have experienced that decade but there was something that had always drew me to the song. i am glad i have some of the references clarified. thank you.
criss <criss@graffiti.net>

Your interpretation is close to the one I developed for myself back in the 70's. There were some points that I could never figure out, one being the reference to James' Dean's coat, the other about who were the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost other than religious figures and what the last train to the coast referred to. Thanks for the insights.
Bill <WQE@aol.com>

I have always believed that "The courtroom was adjourned.
No verdict was returned" was a reference to the trial of The Chicago 7. Abbey Hoffman and friends.

Devon <DevonH@hotmail.com>

Just amazing...
The website and interpretation had impressed me as well as the American Pie of Don mc Lean. I didnt know the meaning of the words of this song and now I realize that it is the part of American history seeing by an artist. Every time i hear this song it makes me cry.It is amazing story, the real story, that makes me to think about the American history much more deeper than before.

Agnieszka <Arozanska@gmx.net>

The song American Pie is amazing. Mclean should not have let Maddona cover it. The song has lots of meaning and has been and always will be my favourite song
John Proctor

Hopefully you are doing well

I live in Monterrey, México, an industrial city at the North of México (two hours away from the border of Texas) and I am just starting to see some American Pie lyrics analysis.

Just one question, why Dylan was called "The jester"


Alex Juarez <alexjuarez_m@hotmail.com>

Hopefully you are doing well

I live in Monterrey, México, an industrial city at the North of México (two hours away from the border of Texas) and I am just starting to see some American Pie lyrics analysis.

Just one question, why Dylan was called "The jester"


Alex Juarez <alexjuarez_m@hotmail.com>

American Pie is my favourite song of all time. I first heard it when I was 5 but only in the last 10 years have a began to think about the meaning of the words. This interpretation is a good effort, though one or two are maybe a little tenuous. But you are in a better position to judge than I, because it is based on American culture in the 60's.
Steve Pickard <stephengp2001@yahoo.co.uk>

Great interpretation. Been collecting different ones


Lynn <TxAngel356@hotmail.com>

You did a great job on your site, I've always loved american pie, but I never really had a clue what the lyrics meant. Now when I listen to it I can know what I'm singing along to! Thanks for doing all the research, so I didn't have to when my curiosity got the best of me!
Brita Peterson <thegoofball88@hotmail.com>

I really enjoyed learning the history behind the song. I'm 18 years old and my dad and I were chatting about the movie American Pie 2 and we got onto the topic of the real song American Pie and he informed me about this website. I didn't realize how much history and symbolism was packed into this song.
Dan <vplefty34@aol.com>

I thought your interpretation was very well thought about and planned with facts to back the interpretation. Your interpretation is quite a common one aswell with a few new twists. I do have a question for you though, a friend of mine seems to think the song is symbolic of virginity lost, i was wondering if you have heard anything like this and where you think it may come from. Many thanks xx Milly xx
Milly <gravybear@yahoo.com.au>

I find your site very nice, I was just looking for the lirycs of the song and here I find a lot of nice infos. Thanks, it's very well done and I find it very nice to learn all the references in the song.
Madeleine <master_smurf@hotmail.com>
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This web site is awesome. I thouroughly enjoyed reading it. I think it is fascinating how much history is in the song. Thanks for putting the site together.
Andrew Kopecky <RedwallMossflowr@aol.com>

you rock!
best american pie website i've found yet
thanks for putting so much effort in
the pics are a nice touch
i will definately be back

eleanor <ronaelefr@yahoo.co.uk>

you rock!
best american pie website i've found yet
thanks for putting so much effort in
the pics are a nice touch
i will definately be back

eleanor <ronalefr@yahoo.co.uk>

In verse six the refrence to "the sacred store" is a record store as you said, but when Mclean was a teen he went to a concert that changed his life. (so its said)The concert was a black group (they sung R & B) that were branded communist, so their music was taken from stores, radio, tv etc. The only thing the group could do was play live concerts which were most of the time held in school gyms. "where i'd heard the music years before", before it was taken off the rack or when he heard them in concert. "but the man there said the music wouldnt play" since they were branded communist record stores wern't allowed to play their music.

I didnt know if you knew that so i thought i would tell you. If you ever want to discuss the song e-mail me

Missy <crayoneater14@hotmail.com>
USA, Washington

omer loves you so much
omer <w-levy@mediaone.net>

I remember listening to this song (let me date myself) as a youngster with my cousins--huddled around the record player following along with the lyrics. It's a great song to sing on long cross-country drives.
Florida, USA

Your film was crap a pie what fool came up with that, I would rather watch a monkey scracting his ass. TO all yousuckers who like the film UP yours!!!!!!!

i love the song American Pie, but he has so many other songs that i love more! the way he describes his feelings, and loves of the past. it put's you in this state of awe. he can draw vango's picture in your mind and for that you need to love his music. he sings of how life used to feel, no one else has done that. thank you
matt J <Devildawgmj@AOL.com>

i love the song American Pie, but he has so many other songs that i live more! the way he describes his feelings, and loves of the past. it put's you in this state of awe. he can draw vango's picture in your mind and for that you need to love his music. he sings of how life used to feel, no one else has done that. thank you
matt J <Devildawgmj@AOL.com>

This has been a favourite song of mine for many years. Last week
I was singing the song in my head and couldn't get pas the first
verse - because, I realised, I didn't understand the song and therefore
couldn't memorise it.

Thanks for the interpretation!

Karen Lynch <Klynch@yahoo.de>
A Brit in Germany

Nice site...
fonts <hevmjeu@sailormoonfan.com>

Hi! Wow - I found out about it from the creator himself, and I haven't got time to read it all as I'm at work with you, but the alternative lyrics have made me giggle! I'll check out the oodles of other stuff on my own time!
Have a nice day!

Debs <dobbieclaypot@hotmail.com>

hey, i liked your page. interpretations of american pie very interesting!!! it has been one of my favorite songs since i was little and it was interesting to see what you thought about it. jen
jen <cornett@prontomail.com>

I really enjoyed the piece on American Pie. I have always wondered about the lyrics and I feel I have gotten a mini history lesson. Thanks.
Carol Medina <Carolmedina@aol.com>

This is an awesome site. I have been trying to find info on Don McClean for almost 6 months and this is an incredible site. I have been in here for almost 2 hours already, & there is still alot i have yet to see...Again,this is an awesome site.. I love Don McClean's music..

Kelly <FireEMT7635@aol.com>

I enjoyed reading the interpretation of the song.

I had recently heard the song and the DJ mentioned the web site.

Dennis Martini <dmartini@airmail.net>

I enjoyed reading the interpretation of the song.

I had recently heard the song and the DJ mentioned the web site.

Dennis Martini <dmartini@airmail.net>

I think this is incredible. I have always loved this song, and knew that it had alot of meaning
that i couldn't quite understand. So thanks for shedding light on this beautiful piece of work.
It truly is a piece of history that everyone has memorized the words to.

Elissa Rodgers <babycc02@hotmail.com>

I really enjoyed your site and it was quite helpful because I tried for a long time to find out the meaning of "American Pie" or at least parts of it.
Christoph Greiner <Christoph_Greiner@web.de>

Wonderful interpretaiton of Amarican Pie's meaning!

Nicely Done.
J Fish
USA (Pennsylvania)

I was really pleased to find your site, as I do sing the song through in the car-loud!-and have often wondered about the meaning of all the verses,very interesting!thanks-keep up the good work

steve davies <mister.chief@btinternet.com>

Great Site
Alexander Heimann <AlHeimann@t-online.de>

: )
Keith Lefevre <bar10dah@iname.com>
United States

I love this song! I'm glad you put together this interpretation. It brings back a lot of memories! I was 10 in 1960 and remember well the whole decade! It was terrible when JFK was killed in 1963 but horrifying when both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were killed in 1968! I remember well where I was when all three were killed. I love the song with the lyrics "Abraham, Martin, and John" in them. I forget the title but it brings back memories of a time like Camelot when life was so full of wonderful possibilities. Thanks again!
Francine Hall <francinehall@sbtc.net>

Perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed interpretation of the lyrics read to date. However there are a few interpretations that appear a bit contrived to fit the rest of the interpretation and subsequently are a bit ambiguous, but that is just another level on which the lyrics themselves are so haunting. The fact that the lyrics are open to interpretaion is what draws most fans to the song, a peculiar magnetism fortified for me as a poet (i just can't write harmonies and melodies are lonely despite being classically trained!). For me the last line holds the key: McClean's true thoughts and meanings behind the lyrics as he wrote them echo themselves in the notion that the day he died, music died. The legacy lives on but in the dirty shadow of manufactured pop 'music', and that brings us neatly back to the interpretation that musicians sold out to the record companies who to make billions pass off any crap as influential. Music and lyrics like this are no longer.
I found this website, by the way, whilst searching for the singer and song of 2 lines of music I heard last year. No, I havn't succeeded so if you know the lines "I only be what I wanna be, I only see what I wanna see...???" let me know, but with so little to go on it is no wonder i'm still searching!!

Simon Palfreeman <theblondone2000@hotmail.com>

I enjoyed your site, trying to figure out what the song was all about ... guess we don't really know for sure .. but I learned a lot of very interesting things. Thanks for putting it together.
Jens Frandsen
Ontario Canada

You have a great website. I heard about it from a friend of mine. I had always tried to figure out what "American Pie" was about. You have some very sound theories.
Paul <seahorse@dfnow.com>

I enjoyed very much the interpretation about Don McClean's American Pie, I have been listening to the song for manny years, enjoyed the music and the lyrics, but was kind of confused as to what they really meant, thank you for the enlightment, will pass it along to my friends and recomend them your web site. Best wishes and continue with your excellent work. J.C.III
Jose R. Cosio III <jcosio3@hotmail.com>
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Great interpretation. Greetings from Europe!
Heinrich Moser <h.moser@gmx.net>

Just found your site using Google after having debated the meaning of the song with a couple of friends on a road trip I took recently. Thanks for the info. It helped me set some things straight and I really learned alot about the song.
Allen <AllenK29@aol.com>

A great intepretation of American Pie.
Mark Doxey <markdoxey@angelfire.ws>
Nth Ireland

Great analysis. I did one in college and am always interested in how various people interpret the song. The song just came on the rasio and I "Asked Jeeves" for a little analysis. Yours was the first hit. Thanks, I enjoyed it!
julie <hsnbox@yahoo.com>
Florida, USA

Awesome....just plain awesome!
Chris Idol <littleidol@hotmail.com>

I agree almost whole heartedly with your interpretation of the song. In fact as far as my research has gone you almost have exactly the same interpretation I do. *thumbs up* on a great job. It was a pleasure to read all the way through. Sincerely Mags.
mags <riplikish@hotmail.com>

Great site.
click M <clickm@one.net>

I find it amazing that in all of the years since 1972, when my 11th grade English teacher had us evaluate this song in class (it took us weeks- and I don't think we even came close to figuring it out), this song has been a constant reminder, a bookmark in the pages of history, to what it felt like to be a teenage in the throes of change.
Today, my eight year old son, Matthew had me print out all the words and we read your evaluation together. I feel like he now knows some special secrets about me and the time of my "coming of age".
Thank you for your insight and fabulous website.

lori <Lorik41@aol.com>

I have always been a fan of your song American Pie. I am 44 years old. I was 17 when the song first came out. Our English teacher had us learn the meaning of the song for a class project. We examined it line by line. I have always loved it since
Debbie Wells <brettsmom56@yahoo.com>

Somebody gave me a Don McClean tape with him singing folk songs so I just put his name on the met and your site was on it. Its a great site and shall tell my mates about it I like your interperations of the song. Iremember the time Buddy died I was and still am a fan and play his music regular. I am an old rock and roller [61] and still Jive to the music
Hywel <hew1239@aol.com>
Wales U.K.

Great, i didn´t see this page but i hope will be great; like i said.
JUAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ <jcold@prodigy.net.mx>

My son who loves music, asked me to get lyrics of his favorit songs and send to him. We all grow up with this music and have loved this song. I had heard that it was about Buddy Holly but I never knew where he drew all all his lyrics from.
What you have done here is a true work of art which will answer the age long question, What is this song about.
John Trenman

John Trentman <Gongolfing@aol.com>

I always felt the lyrics "...the Father, Son & Holy Ghost, they took the last train for the coast.." meant somewhat more literally that the holy trinity gave up, or were beaten as the music of Buddy Holly and the like, which represents good, gave way to the "evil" influence of the the Rolling Stones & Beatles & others. McLean perceived a negative influence that these later artists had on culture & religion. Surely, to a religious man, "the three men I admired most" would be literally the holy trinity.

Great website! Very enlightening.

Ed <jkinney@promega.com>

im only 21 years old and recently watched a story about "The Day the Music Died", and I was looking for more info. I found your site informative, even though i wasnt alive for any of it. Very helpful in my quest for the answer to this song. Thanks, John
John Borsey <jbizzy77@aol.com>

Excellent site, allways wanted to know about this excellent song good work
jay bonser <jjjj@jbonser.fsworld.co.uk>

Thank you very much! I'm an English teacher at a German comprehensive school and recently one of my students asked me if we could talk about the original "American Pie" in class. So I started looking for more information and luckily finally found you!
Birgit Meyer <nc-meyerbi@netcologne.de>

This my first attempt to visit your site, but I think I will
enjoy it. Thanks alot for this wonderful site.

Ahmed <maktoobi66@hotmail.com>

The way you interpreted the song is unbleievable. It is an astonishingly deep song, and now i understand it.
mark <bat6982@aol.com>

Thanks for the site. It was really useful!
Casey Williams <margars333@aol.com>

Always wondered abour 'american pie'. At last, some answers. Thanks.
Rita Paul <Coppertop2@bigpond.com>

Great website. Where were you six years ago while I was in college and doing research for a speech I was giving on the interpretation of this song? This info would have come in handy! Anyway, thanks for the sight, I will share it with the many that I know love this song as much as I do.

Amanda <Amkhodge@yahoo.com>

Great interpretation! I'm a big Stones fan, so part of the story hurt me... I read in an interview with Keith Richards that they stopped playing when it happened and that they judged the Hells angels... Still, great interpretation! There is a lot more behind these lyrics than I'd known...
Thomas <t.vanderhorst@student.utwente.nl>

I really admire McLean for his song "Miss American Pie" because it's just a very insightful, awesome work of art.
Jessica Leigh <smiles550@hotmail.com>

a very interesting website...i'm sending it to all my friends...thank you for sharing it
annie <bohemia00@aol.com>
us of a

Your website is wonderful. american pie is one of the most haunting songs i've ever heard and i love it. it has also always confused me and i am so glad that i have this resource to answer all my questions. Good Work!
Sarah <VenusSM15@aol.com>

I came here looking for "Weird Al", but anyone who lets Weird Al parody their hit song is worth a glance. "Weird Al polkas, but Don McLean acoustics"
MOB Ferret

Excellent interpretations! It helps me greatly to understand the real meaning of this song which I have listened and tried to sing for a long time ( I always sang the words wrongly in the past). Thanks Reto for helping to spot out this wonderful website.
Pye Wong <pyewong@hotmail.com>
Brooklyn Park, MN

Great website. A friend of mine just started studying in the US. She asked me whether I knew about the deeper meaning of the song Miss American Pie - I only knew, it had something to do with Buddy Holly, since a friend of mine maintains a website about Buddy Holly. So I was very happy to find this excellent presentation. Thanks!
Reto Castellazzi <Nope! To dangerous these spamming days :-)>

just wonderful,I've loved this song since it came out.
Donnamae <donnas@merr.com>

Finally I have an explaination of what the verses mean; instead of "bits and pieces" of what people wanted them to mean. Thanks.
Karen <OctWit@aol.com>

Excellent! I truly enjoyed reading the complete interpretation of this classic song. Your understanding of the "happenings" in America during the late 50s - early 70s is quite amazing... for a 'Brit'! Cheers and very well done.

Todd <ToddLazar@aol.com>

thank you for the insight.

j <jpgj_58@hotmail.com>

I found your site while searchinf for my daughter Katherine.
She loves to sing it, but I thought some of her words were
wrong. Another web site had words that differ slightly from
yours. Which lyrics match the LIFE cover, I wonder?

Peter D Gilbert <peter.gilbert@compaq.com>

Thank you for your interpretations. For years we have listened to the song and had our guesses as to the meaning of various lyrics. The song gives us goosebumps, and hearing some explanation of the lyrics add to them. Thanks.
Scott & Michele Winham <smwinham@hotmail.com>

Hi! I'm a young striving musician, who's dream is to be a folk singer, so the song American Pie means a lot to me. Your interpretation of this incredable song is simaler to others I've read... there were minor differences, but the main idea (being that the song is about the loss of innocence in American music, and therefore America) is basically the same. I found your site by searching for an interpretation of the song through google - I'm doing an essay for school. Up until a few months ago, I had no idea what the song was about, then I accidentally found an interpretation and I've been hooked to it ever since. The thing that pisses me off most about this song is that Madonna BUTCHERED it! But lets not get into that... anyway, great website! Thanks for your help!
Erinn <erinnchristina@hotmail.com>

Thank you so much for the beautifully words about this American classic. It has helped me explain to my 17-year-old daughter how we felt about our music when I was her age.

--Sharon L. Smith

Sharon L. Smith <sharons9000@hotmail.com>

Very good site. Thanks for keeping it up.
Phil Bridges <pbridges@ae.msstate.edu>

I saw you in concert when I was around 12 at a local high school- you taught the audience the chorus to American Pie and had the audience sing By the Water of Babylon in a round..which I still remember!! I saw you years later in Greenwich Village in NYC. American Pie is still one of my favorite songs!!! I found this site because one of my kids is doing a report on Buddy Holly!!!
nancy <nanhart@aol.com>

please visit my page
Aubrey <deadwai@antisocial.com>

I really enjoyed the interpretation of American Pie. When I was a kid, I recall trying to transcribe the lyrics with a pencil and paper as I wore grooves into the viynl album. Ah, the days before the internet and compact discs. Nevertheless, American Pie, in my opinion, is the greatest rock-pop song ever written. It's the one song that never grows stale, and now after reading your interpretation, has given me a whole different outlook when I listen to the song. Thanks for posting this on the internet. I have this bookmarked and read it over and over. Kind of rekindles my youth. Perhaps the only sad thing about the song is that Madonna's cover totally destroyed it. This song should not be touched by anybody but Don McLean. Nobody can do it justice and sing it with the feeling that Don had when we wrote it.
Rob <RAsaro@co.wayne.mi.us>

I heard american pie on the radio today and just had to find a website that talked about the lyrics. his song still gives me chills, even after nearly 30 years. amazing
gary <gstefano@easco.com>
new york, ny

I enjoyed thanks.!!!!!.
M. Chavez <mc58107@swt.edu>

Enjoyed the site as well as the song
Ken London <KenLondon@beld.net>

Interesting fun. Thank you.
Mary O!

I need the liryc de Vincent de Don McLean
Gilberto Guerrero <inpreten@tricom.net>
Dominican Republic

Heard the song in its entirity again as I was driving alone one night - was going to pick up my 21 year old daughter, and reflected that she was now listening to this song done by Madonna. We both love the song, and I wanted to get the best interpretation of the words to tell her about those times. An excellent site - thank you.
sue kirkland <kirkland@bc.sympatico.ca>

a great, film and a great website to go with it. brilliant
vicky <angel1420z@hotmail.com>

This web site has helped me in my research project...thanks
HEATHER <calmetetigre@hotmail.com>
United states

What a funky website!!!
Matthue Levitt <mattlevitt@hotmail.com>

Your page was recommended to me by my father, who lived those times as an outsider (a Spaniard working for the Americans). I had long been puzzled by this song, and I think your interpretation is very enlightening. Thank you for posting it.

This is Bethany from Atlanta, Georgia and I just want to let everyone know that Don Mcleans American Pie is the greatest song ever. I listen to it all the time. Even all my friends like it. If they didn't they wouldn't be my friends!!! Theres only one thing left that I wanna say and it's "I love you Don Mclean!" "You Rock!!!"
Bethany Dodson <ldodson77@atl.mediaone.net>

i was interested in some interpretations of american pie i have always liked the song but never knew where a lot of it came from or meant
bobby kittrell <bjk@itexas.net>

i think it's a good Interpretation of the song...and it certainly gives me something to think about. I've always liked the song, but i could never really figure it out, thanks for the help :)


Rasmus Østergaard <gizmoand@worldonline.dk>

Pretty cool!!!
Dave <a69rs350@aol.com>

love your comments on amer.pie.
the only thing i would ask is that
you put in more about elvis. I am
sure that don was talking first about
elvis and secondly about jfk and

thelma frazier <purplesage@onemain.com>

Pretty well done
Itamar Cohn <rayderby@hotmail.com>

Very Well Done !
Iam doing a speach on the "Lyrics" For a class and this helped me alot.
Thank You, Jay Clow


Good Interpretation, site was easy to navigate too:-)
Cat <scout_14@hotmail.com>

A really good site with soe interesting, thought inducing comments about the song. I've always just thought it was vaguely about America, Buddy Holly and Mick Jagger, and never really thought about every single line. But I will definitely listen to it differently from now on
Ben Stephenson <MrBenn@wombles.com>

I've had that song stuck in my head, and was curious about some of the lyrics, but I stayed and searched around a little, and especially found the interpretation interesting.
Jeremy Duncan

I don't know if you remember me, but I'm your sister's pen pal from years ago. I recently got an e-mail from Judith & she told me your site, so I thought I'd check it out. It's funny because my boyfriend's college fraternity song is "American Pie"! This is a song that will definatly be played at my wedding! (on July 20, 2002) I send you & your family my best.
Dawn Harvey <dusk1975@hotmail.com>

I was given the address of this site by the local library. I'm writting a paper in my Rock and Roll history class on this song. This is a great site!! I read it over and it's very interesting. It answered a lot of questions I had about the meanings. I really enjoyed reading!! =)

thoughrally enjoyed the inerpretation my freind, a pleasure!
Alan <McShane>

I enjoyed your interpretation immensely - it is difficult as a non-American to interpret the lyrics of American Pie, however your interpretation enlightened me - so thanks a lot.


Annette v. Cappeln <cappeln2get2net.dk>

Found it on www.ask.com. Great interpretations. Thanks for the insite!
Jennifer <jenniferhamlet@hotmail.com>

i just stumbled across your website while trying to help a
high school student interperet the song for a class project.
i must admit, i very carefully read your thoughts and am
impressed. thanks for sharing them with us, dave.

dave hood <dhood@airwaysfreight.com>

I really enjoyed the website. I am researching "AMerican Pie" for a research paper in college. THis site was very helpful. If you know of any other helpful interpretation sites let me know. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!! It was wonderful!!
Kisha <zwart@cherokee.nsuok.edu>
USA (oklahoma)

I enjoyed your analysis; a refreshing change to the frequent anti-jew interpretation I see as rather prevelant. The question remains, though: When are you going to do a comprehensive analysis on the abbreviated, yet still distrubingly compelling Seeker's Song "I'll Never Find Another You" ?

Mad Lucas <seastar@sestop.com>
US of A

betsy delmonico

This song will always remind me of the greatest days of my college life. As Fraternity life can be tricky, this song seems to bring people together and just make 'em dance.
Russ <russg6479@hotmail.com>

Went to see Buddy in London last night - loved every minute of it - didn't realise that Buddy Holly had performed the songs that I seemed to know so well! I'd always known that American Pie related to Holly and only last night, was trying my best to explain to a younger friend, the different verses and MY belief as to who they related to. So today, came back to Manchester, first thing I did was go on the net to see what I could find out about Holly really, and then found your site! Fantastic! Thanks
Gillian Nuttall <Gillian.n4@zoom.co.uk>

cool site, i downloaded both kareokes. thanks for the only good site about the song (and the parodies!)
Mister American Pie <bye bye@ampie.com>

Have any of you heard Early in the Morning by Buddy Holly? One of the verses goes "You know a rolling stone don't gather no moss." So there you go...a totally new theory on "The moss grows fat on a rolling stone." I feel mine may be on the right track. I'll keep listening to my Buddy CD... I may have more luck with finding American Pie lyrics. Any other younger fans of Buddy Holly, like around 12?
Jessi (again) <BHLZeppelin@aol.com>

Are all of you Don McLean fans also fans of Buddy Holly?
Jessi <BHLZeppelin@aol.com>

I like the song American Pie. I just listening to it and reading the lyric for a class.
Sarah <tv_2001_1180>
Unitied State

I have always been interested in the lyrics to American Pie - Thanks for some interesting reading!


Linda <lconsiglio@aol.com>

two of my favourite songs are vincent and american pie. keep going on don
sundaraju <eaglerush51@hotmail.com>


Interesting, but I am not sure I agree with all of it. I was just a young teenage boy at the time of its release but every time I hear the song I do sing along with it. Thanks for the insight
Gerry O'Hara <patger01@aol.com>
The great USA

Awesome! Your commentary assumes almost NOTHING about the reader's knowledge, which is important. My 14 year old niece could read this and get it.
He probably doesn't give interviews about this because a lot of what goes into writing lyrics is just a combination of free association and forced rhyming (though American Pie doesn't use this restraint much). Although we can read layers of meaning into the lyrics, he didn't necessarily intend them. This is what makes it "art". Art is how we interpret it, not what the artist had in mind.
To that end - great job!

Robert <Wivchar>

I am so so so grateful for all the information I found on this website. I am writing a report entirely about this song and I wasn't even sure of all the words! Can you imagine?! Anyhoo, rest in knowing that I am without headache and an advanced english 5-6 class is much more informed on the American culture of the 50's 60's and 70's. Thanks!

lenore fitton

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to put this together... I can remember listening as an adolescent and just singing along without knowing.. now I know.
John Murray <murray72@konnect.net>
USA... presently in Japan

I did a search on "meaning of american pie lyrics" using Sherlock, and your site was near the top - that's how I found it. I appreciate the work you did.
Tim Stever <timandnik@earthlink.net>
USA (Massachusetts)

Enjoyed reading your interpretation of American Pie. I'm old enough to remember when it was first released and have heard snippets over the years which described what McLean was trying to say; but this is the first in-depth interpretation I've read and, I must say, it seems quite accurate. Thank you.
Jud Morrison <morrison@risecom.net>

I have been looking everywhere for an interpretation for this song. I enjoyed reading it, it was very informative, and, as far as I know, for the most part accurate.
Daniella <dsengen@juno.com>

Love your site !
Manolo Mondragon <mdragon@xal.megared.net.mx>

I stumbed onto your site while looking for the lyrics to the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. I like you site and found it to be very interesting to a 17 year old like myself. Too bad I couldn't find an explanation to "Stairway to Heaven." Why don't you do something like this to that song? I've heard a lot of different explanations to the song(Stairway to Heaven but I don't know which one to believe. Congrats on such a good site. Bye!
Ricky Shelton

I really loved your analysis.... brought out a lot of meanings for me. American Pie's been an anthem for us, and i can remember singing the chorus when i was 14 years old, without knowing what or who the song was about...

thanks a million - buy you a beer if you're ever in Bangalore

Aniruddha Shankar <karim@indialawinfo.com>

Enjoyed reading about your views certainly is a masterpiece of a song and will be discussed for decades.
Dave Goulet <davegoulet@home.com>

Well, a German friend asked me what does the part "drove my Chevy etc..." actually mean. Now although this has been one of my favorite songs since my early teens, I was completely at a loss in terms of interpretation. So whaddya do? Check the Web! Thanks for the great background information and the plausible interpretation.
Karin Johnson <johnson-wolff@t-online.de>

looking at your links for lyrics reminded me of the y2k pie. I thought I heard it broadcast one day.... only never to hear it again. - so Deja vu.

Thanks, you have done a lot of research.

Bob Nolan <rwnolan001@cs.com>

I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of the song. It really makes a lot of sense. I have been to many different sites reading what other people have to say about the song, and you site is one of the best that I have seen.
Jeremy Lewis <jllewis82@hotmail.com>

Referred to this site by the Altavista search engine while looking for a place to download the song. Most impressed, I feel I understand the song a lot better now than I did before visiting (although I've always liked it)... :)
Tim Wilson <rogue161@hotmail.com>
New Zealand

A very good interpretation, at least as far as any interpretation of anything the author refuses to interpret can be!
Adam Cuerden <cuerden@harthacnut.freeserve.co.uk>
Wales (Great Britain)

When I was in high school, the bus that drove us home had a cheap single speaker mid way towards the back. Everyday at 4pm a local radio statio would play the song in its entierty. The song brings back so many memories. I like to Madona's rendition, but it is not part of my youth and innocence of so many years ago. Love your site and thanks for putting it up.
Greg Crevier <keith.crevier@sympatico.ca>

Enjoyed the entire website and all the information it contained. It's refreshing to have what is wanted in such an easy format to use. Joe
joe macek <joem@centurytel.net>

I am 43 now. American Pie was a hit when I was a teen in Hong Kong. I didn't know the meaning of it until....today.
simon lee <simon@vizip.com>
USA Honolulu

Thanks for the fun. I have always loved that song and think it is one of the best ever written. Your site does justice to all fans.
matt <matt@welcomematt.com>
U.S A.

You are doing GREAT things.
dadog <tevans.navy.mil>
united states of america

I enjoyed your interpretation.
Josh Britt <love_machine_34@hotmail.com>

Great site! You mentioned in the introduction that American Pie wasn't the name of the plane. So what does American Pie mean in the song? -just wonderin'
Max Fuller

I enjoyed your insights here, looks as though you've spent a ton of time on it. I suppose we'll never truly know what everything really meant--how come Don has chosen never to explain it all? Maybe the mystique adds to its popularity. And by the by, until I visited the site, I HONESTLY didn't know Madonna had re-released this song. I guess that shows how closely I follow the woman and modern rock. It seemed to be simpler and a bit more enjoyable back then... But thanks for the informative site.
Sunny Silverman

well thought and easy to understand
thanks for giving me some more to think about the next time i listen to the classic

Matt <loser235@home.com>

I'm currently taking singing lessons and will be performing in an informal concert solo as well as part of a group. And guess what, my solo is "American Pie"! Initially, my reasons for singing this song was the "feel good" factor that comes along with the song everytime you hear it but having read the interpretation, it's amazing to find that McLean was able to tell such an indepth account of the US at that time. Thanks for the inspiration to sing!
Jindy Sandhu <sandhuj@capitagroup.co.uk>
London, England

I enjoyed the interpretation of American Pie. There really are few anthems that can convey the mood of the times, especially to someone who wasn't there, but this is one of them.
Jeremy Weiland <jweiland@nettalon.com>

tony <pooky@pook.fsnet.co.uk>

Great job
Mykel Austin <whatagdboy@aol.com>

I never realised the song was that long but it was great. I thought Maddona did it no justice.I am 14 and a massive Buddy Holly fan SO RAVE ON!
Kieran Davey <kierandavey@hotmail.com>
Republic of Ireland

And I just thought it was a nice song... My Mum & Me used to sing-a-long to this on the radio, bouncing around the kitchen when I was a little kid - good memories, happy times. Most excellent site too, so much info. and excellent links..Thanks..
Sandie Walton <Sandie@ukf.net>

Your website helped me out on my speech for school about the day the music died. Thanks for making a great website!
Kelly <redcats@timesnet.net>
United States

Just wanted something to help explain the song to my teenagers. This site was better than I expected.
Emil DeVito <emil.devito@pinsco.com>

Well done, that obviously took a whole heap of research... but itwas so interesting to hear about all the meanings...

Juanita <neet@ilikeaeroplanejelly.com>

Interesting site!

I just ran into your site when checking the proper spelling of Don McLean's name (ie Mc ir Mac).
I ended up reading your interpreatation from start to finish. It was great, well done.
It didn't have so much information that you felt tempted to skip bits, but it had more than enough to make me feel I'd learnt something.
Good stuff, thank you for making me that much wiser.

Tim Gomersall <tgomersall@hotmail.com>

your site was really nice and neat and organized. i am giving a 20 minute presentation on "American Pie" for my senior project in english class, and your site helped a lot. thanx!
amy <geekfairy13@aol.com>

One of my favorite songs. I have his name, but can't sing
a note. Too bad. I'll leave the singing to you and the
REAL Tom Jones.

Tom Jones <avojj@newnorth.net>

My beloved older sister died at the very young age of 55.
One of my favorite last memories of her was dancing and
singing "American Pie" at AJ'S Pub in Woodruff, Wisconsin.
It always brings this pleasant time with her back to me, and
warms my heart every time I hear this song.
Thank you, Don McLean

Joni Jones <avojj@newnorth.net>

I really enjoyed your interpretation. All I ever knew, that it was a song about Buddy Holly. I found your site using a search engine.
Steve Burton <stevadore@beol.net>

Very interesting
Matthew Feirer

An excellent website for an important song. Has Mr McLean seen it?
Michelle Griffiths <michelle@hwf.co.uk>

I think this song is the best song ever written because it gives a really good feeling, and a sense of the events in that period of time. I just think that you should add something to your analogy of the song. As a detective on drug cases I know that the term "Jack Flash sitting on a candlestick" is commonly used to described the method by which heroin is prepared for consumption. Heroin is usually left cooking on a fire on top of a spoon. Many heroin users use that term to describe the preparation of such drug. Thanks a lot for this new insight on the song and thanks for clearing it up.
raul <evilbeerstud@aol.com>


I have often sat an thought aboutwhat was meant in the lyrics, but not being a true audiophile didn't really have the knowledge to put it together. Of course I think it is a great song, and the uncertainity around the symbolism adds to its power.

Bob Golding <b_golding@hotmail.com>

This is really great! I didn't think that there's so much hidden in this song! 'American Pie' is the greatest song ever written. I can't understand, why people didn't vote it for the best song of the century!
And fuck Madonna and her commercial thinking!
So best wishes from Bavaria,

Stephan Linkel <Stephan.Linkel@t-online.de>
Haag, a town near Munich, Germany

I greatly enjoyed reading your interpretation of McLean's immortal song. I would point out that the references to Camelot and the Kennedy administration are a bit liberal. "Camelot", as it applies to the JFK presidency, was a post-assasination manufacture of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Mrs. Kennedy, Ted Sorenson, et al. It was their collective goal to buff up to a brilliant shine the legacy of Jack Kennedy (while glossing over his moral bankruptcy). It has always been a "burr under my saddle" that JFK, through his martyrdom and subsequent revisionism, has been placed on a pedastal and lionized. I think it much more interesting to examine the man with the Camelot facade stripped off and admire him and his achievements in total.
Cory <skluzak@att.com>
USA, Colorado

WOW!!!! This song has always been in my favorite top 3 since I was very young, and I always knew it was symbolic, but never came accross what each verse was about. I am really impressed with your analysis. I wonder if there is a book that has as the theme the meaning behind the great songs of our generation. I just found the sight while researching the song on Yahoo. Great work! thanks!
paul <sugarman@home.com>

many thanks for this web site
american pie song is the first i heard when i've been for the 1st time in the usa. this song brought me so unexplainable things .... i became more american than my girlfriend from illinois ....
stay this song in your mind ... i still keep it in my soul

schneider <david>

many thanks for this web site
american pie song is the first i heard when i've been for the 1st time in the usa. this song brought me so unexplainable things .... i became more american than my girlfriend from illinois ....
stay this song in your mind ... i still keep it in my soul

schneider <david>

Its Cool!
Tom <Tom41089@yahoo.com>

Bill Thornby <USMCBILL7781>

I studied this one in school and couldn't remember anything specific about the lyrics(funny how that happens)-thanks for refreshing my memory

Bill W. Champion <talespin@bellsouth.net>

Great job. Thanks for the entertainment. The pictures add greatly to the material.
Caroline Halliday <hallida@zbzoom.net>

I remember the song when it first came out. It's only recently that I have become interested in the interpretation of the lyrics. Of the web sites that I've found yours has been the best. Be assured that I'll let my friends know.

Peace and best wishes


Gavin Mackenzie <gavin.massiv.fsnet.com>
London, England

Thank you for taking the time to make this interpretation available. For no particular reason, we had started to think about the meaning of this song last night. It's now clear that we just didn't have the background knowledge of the music industry at the time to make sense of it all. You have been a big help.
Nick and Laura Barton <nickb@davsys.com>

Song is one of my favorites after having a group sing of the song at a New Years Party and a number of people screwing up the lyrics I took it upon myself to find the lyrics so when we do this again people will sing it right hopefully. Note all the people who were sing do like this song it is just that not all of them grew up in the songs early days and have only come to like it because some grey beards (me in particular) have intoduced the song to some of our younger crowd. I will be back want to read interpurtion again some were new to me and I need to mull them over. Overall real great site.
John Dylewski <dily827@earthlink.net>

Avery interesting site have read your interpretation of the song with interest after a conversation with my brother in law who is a fan of Don Maclean
John Southworth <southworth@talk21.com>

Thank you for the interpretation.

California, USA

Some information found from the internet:
Intro from Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" radio show circa January 1972: "A few days ago we phoned Don McLean for a little help in interpreting his great hit 'American Pie.' He was pretty reluctant to give us a straight interpretation of his work; he'd rather let it speak for itself. But he explained some of the specific references that he makes. The most important one is the death of rockabilly singer Buddy Holly in 1959; for McLean, that's when the music died. The court jester he refers to is Bob Dylan. The Stones and the flames in the sky refer to the concert at Altamont, California. And McLean goes on, painting his picture,"

Yujin <yujin_312@hotmail.com>

This is a great site! I love this song and knew that there were many meanings to this song and wanted to know what they were.
Sarah Chaney <hyunjoo964@hotmail.com>

You misspelled Park in verse #5, "The Stones played a concert at Candlestick part".

I enjoyed your site very much, I was very happy to hear strong opinions with out the rant. I am searching around here for some music, if you don't display any that is fine. Perhaps that would be stealing?

I think the Madonna song is great, I love to hear both her version (I have them all and only one is great) and Don's. At first I was dissapointed she did not do all verses. Now I am glad her version is as short as it is, just about the right measure of her.

Thanks again for a super tour.

Bruce Halliburton <mmhallib@mediaone.com>

I first heard the song from Madonna (should I be embarrased for this?) :)
and I liked it very much, though I haven't paid much attention to the lyrics.

Actually, I also have to confess that, here in Mexico both the song version with Madonna and the movie "American Pie" were released at the same time, so many people (myself included) tought that they could be related...

Anyway, I continued listening to it on the radio, but it wasn't unitl I heard Phoebe (from the TV series "Friends") singing to the song that I thought "This has to be a really old song if they are singing it in that show"

And I looked for the lyrics in the Internet, I used Altavista and that is how I found your site :)

I have to tell you that the description of the song is the most complete I have read until now, and I am going to tell about your site to some friends that I think might be interested in knowing a little more about this song... (and that are capable of reading English) :)

Congratulations, you put a great job about "Miss American Pie" in cyberspace :)

Myra <myra@apiver.com>

I really enjoyed reading the interpretation of "American Pie." I had never heard any of that before. Thank you.

Wow! I am a 51 yr old mother of five kids. My eighteen yr old daughter was curious about the words to American Pie, so I pulled up this site to find the lyrics for her. Boy did I ever get an education! I LIVED through all of that period and never really knew what the song was all about, just that I loved the sound of it. It was really cool to be able to finally understand something about that great song!
anna <jdavi34@bellsouth.net>

Steve Abrams <stevea@innet.com>

I tried your feedback form but the link wouldn't work. Just thought I'd let you know that the "generation lost in space" line might also include a reference to the 60's (?) TV show Lost In Space, and perhaps the impact that the television was having on the first generation of Americans to be raised with one as a regular facet of family life.

Jonathan Shapiro <fiveagainstme@hotmail.com>

Intriguing interpretation. What does Don McLean think of it?

Deliberately Omitted <aperfectpage@on.aibn.com>

thank you for the full-text lyrics as well as the interpretation - I found this site through "Alta Vista" and I was looking for it because we are here with some friends from Britain, Italy, Germany and Guinea, playing guitar and singing together, when we realised that we did not remember all the lyrics of the song - thank you again and greetings from Berlin, Anja
Berlin, Germany

For me whose native language is not English and who haven't lived in USA and UK, it was absolutely wonderful to read your interpretation of this beautiful song. Now I can better understand that there are songs that really have meaning. Thank you for your site and let me hope that I can read about other songs too.
Gabor Molnar <molnar.janak@matavnet.hu>

This is a great analysis...i love it and i cant wait to come back and read it again.....this song has always interested me and i just really enjoyed reading this...thanks!
Kim <Kimbac13@aol.com>

Stumbled on your site through a search after listening to the song for the millionth time and feeling the need to understand a little more. Thanks! Your site is a great tribute to a great song and artist.
Robert Cannon <robcan25@aol.com>

I was driving with some friends in the north of Germany and then American Pie played on the radio. I love this song and so does one of my friends. And then, all of a sudden the two of us were sing it outloud !!! It was such a cool memory!
So I decided to know more about this song and I found it on your web page. Congratulations for your homepage. It is great, well designed and I can feel the respect and love you have for American Pie.... Congratulations again!

Rosaria Mainieri

Interesting interpretation with some interpretations that I had never considered, however, I believe you are British and all the references to U.S. sports (foul ball, sidelines,etc.) must be considered strictly in that context as I am sure Don had no other perspective.
Mike Latondresse <mikelat@Home.com>

i really enjoyed your work
wayne thacker <thack13@aol.com>

Great interpretation! I enjoyed reading every little bit of it! I have always admired this song, and now I admire it thrice. I see you have invested much of your time to interpret the song, and I must say that you deserve the credit! Good going!
Omer Levy

Great job! I have copies of this song, have never tired of it,
and now have a better understanding of it. This puts to rest
over twenty years of wondering. Thanks!

Bruce Moen <brm@blarg.net>

I wish to thank you for such an in depth review and analysis of Don McLean's song. You've no idea how many times I've had to rely upon scattered reviews that I could not recall sufficiently to reference in regard to this beautiful piece of Americana. As publisher/Editor of New Poets Press I am extremely interested in American poetry with depth; this song is a perfect example of metaphor, simile and plain old "how it can be done" lyric writing that is all but vanished in today's mainstream music. The fact that few have tried to sing the song, rerecord the song or do much of anything besides leave it as is, is a testiment to how fine a job he did the first time around. Again, thank you for such a well constructed site.

Kevin Sorbello

Kevin Sorbello <coolsteam@aol.com>

i think your site is very informational and i appreciate it greatly. i am only 16 yet i love the history of rock and roll and appreciate where it has come from and i am almost scared about where it is going,(marilyn manson, limp bizkit, etc.). i do have one question that i would like you to address. while you obviously have figured out the main meaning of this awesome song, what do you think the overall underlying theme is. please e-mail me back. thank you for the wonderful site.
clint <payne984@aol.com>

I began to cry as I read through your interpretation. I feel like all the pieces of this puzzle have fallen into place in such beautiful music. I wish the music of today could be that meaningful. Thank you for such a wonderful sight.
Gina <grt3@humboldt.edu>

I began to cry as I read through your interpretation. I feel like all the pieces of this puzzle have fallen into place in such beautiful music. I wish the music of today could be that meaningful. Thank you for such a wonderful sight.
Gina <Tuzzi>

i really enjoyed reading the interpretations of the song American Pie. I am a huge Ritchie Valens fan, and i heard the song was about him. i wanted to find out more. thanks
Amanda Edlinger <aceusn1@juno.com>

I am a graduate student, pursuing a PhD in History. I am currently working on a short thesis arguing that the veiled symbolism of the song American Pie serves as a warning to cultural historians. It is obvious that cultural vesses, providing insight into any given society, cannot merely be taken at face value, but must be reinterpreted through the eyes of the conteporary audience. What American Pie meant to its 1972 audience is of far more significance for interpreting their mindset than later interpretations. The diversity in interpretations, both then and now, talks to flaws in the basic theory that cultural vessels are truly descriptive of a population. Thanks for helping.
M. Stafford <MWSD1305@aol.com>

I was 23 when this song came out and my wife today were dating it has always had aprofound effect on both of us and still does today.Tnanks for wtiting it.
Dave Rowe <sbfarm@telusplanet.net>
Alberta Canada

I really love this song. My dad always listens to fifties through seventies music and I really like it to. I wish you would cut another album. By you not playing,the world is missing out on a great singer songwriter that is really deep and one who knows that to play music is one thing, but to feel the music is something else,entirely. Thanks for music and the love of music...

sloan whiteley <none>

Good job, I knew it was about Buddy Holly, and I love this song, but I had no idea it was all this. It is poetry itself!


I am 24 years old and I love Don. Generation X does not appriciate his music and the meaning behind it. God bless him and all that he did for the music industry!
Amber Eenshuistra <bes@dem.ffni.com>

This was a good job, my dad tried to explain it to me, but i never under stod what he was saying,
you did a much better job. Congrats on a great site.

Tom Corwin <tomas13senor@netscape.net>



I'm 35 and grew up listening to rock-n-roll. It's just really weird to actually learn what diffrent songs are actually about. All I can say is LONG LIVE ROCK!!!!!!!
chris nagrocki <jnagrocki@aol.com>

This song ROCKS!!!!!
Michael <michaelb@net2000.com.au>

a very interesting and enlightening web site.weldone and thank you
sarah <not_blond_sorry@hotmail.com>

When I first heard the song, I spoke very little English and therefore understood only small pieces of it. But the emotions and feelings expressed by Don's voice and the changing of the instruments' intensity touched me immediately. Now that I can understand most of the words, the song is a very melancolic and thoughtful work for me . I don't feel like listening to it in a disco and the madonna version misses most of its depth.
Your site is very intersting, and I'm happy that other people also show my passion for the original verion of American Pie.


been born in 1975, most of what the song relates to is nothing but history for me. I love the music of those times, and have often wondered at all the meanings to the song. I love other bands like RUSH whose songs are so much more than just the music. Your website has helped me to understand not only the song, but the attitudes current in america during these times. Having a love for music, and for the meanings behind the songs, I find this website a refreshing and welcome break from the normal attitude of "it's just a song". Thanks for taking the time.
Michael Dellinger <dellingerms@13meu.usmc.mil>

I love the song. I am an English teacher, here in Israel, and I sing it with my class.
Meirav Green
p.o.box 8199 Petach-Tikva 49181 Israel

I heard about this site from my brother-in-law. It was very enlightening to read. I appreciate your efforts and research. I may have perceived a couple parts differently, but what food for thought! Thanks

i think that steve hoag is gay
god <god@yahoo.com>

the song is good but the modana version is bad
george <sdh81@aol.com>

I listened to this song as a teenager,and i liked it then for its musical content.I knew there was more of a story behind the words than I could interpret.Now that there is more meaning to the words,I enjoy it even more.Thanks1
Woody Mitchell <woodstoc@datasync.com>

very interesting and thought provoking.great job!!!
w l brown <wbrown122@hotmail.com>

Great site!!!
Karen S. Carter <KSCarter@AOL.com>

I think American Pie is one of the best songs ever made. I love you web site because it tells what all happened. Only if more sites did what you did here. Thanks.
Jennifer <JenNell83@aol.com>

Very moving. Just when you think you've grown up, it all comes rushing back to you. I have many interests such as film and music. I am most interested in what was going on in the actual lives of these people.
Alan Pippenger <pipps@nettally.com>

American Pie is one of my dads favorite songs and so I grew up listening to it, and until recently never really paid attention to the songs lyrics. When I finally tuned in to what he was trying to say, I was totally enthralled by his way of making the downfall of rock n' roll so clear. I wonder what he would write about it now? Anyway, thanks for the great and informative site.
Michele Westbrook <MicheleSedai@juno.com>

I played in the folk clubs in the late 60's and early 70's, and American Pie was one of my numbers. I still play for a bit of fun, and performed American Pie at my recent 50th birthday party with my daughters soul band INSOUL, and the place was still heaving and rocking. This is a timeless piece of music which everyone knows and joins in. It is part of our generation and had a big influence on my style of guitar playing and singing. I enjoyed your interpretation and your site in general. Good Luck.
Martin Gibney <martin@gibneym.freeserve.co.uk>

Thanks for all the insights. It is the song of our
generation, isn't it? Following close in second place
would be We Didin't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

God, I wihs I could write that well!

Leah in Alaska <fnlma1@uaf.edu>

What a fantastic web-site. American Pie is my favourite song of all time and yet I have only just come across this site! Your interpretation was really interesting to read and has certainly improved my knowledge of the song.


Simon Lerwill <simonlerwill@hotmail.com>

Oh, forgot to add to the most recent signing of this guestbook: Don McLean was **BORN** in New Rochelle, so he would have known the bar known as "The Levee".


Marc Mullinax <mmullina@debevoise.com>

Just one question:
Don McLean was born in New Rochelle, NY, where I used to teach college (Iona College). There was a bar there known as "The Levee". But it closed, meaning the "levee was dry."

Could this be a better interpretation than yours?

Marc Mullinax

Marc Mullinax <mmullina@debevoise.com>

Great Site Saul - I've been a fan of DM since 1972 and got to meet him for the first time in June this year in London. A truly great experience. Met up with a number of fans from Alan Howard's OnLine fan club and we all had a great day, Don treated us to a 1 1/2 hour sound check and the concert later on was amongst the best I've seen him play.
Just heard the Weird Al version of AP thru' your site. Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

Dave Cook <david.cook16@ntlworld.com>

I am using your information for a school research project
D <dcamato@usa.net>

A very interesting and thorough interpretation. I wonder if Madonna has any notions about that.
Jürgen Schreck <j_schreck@gmx.de>

I was really wonder what this song was talking about, it`s really dificult to understand if you are not american, Thankyou!!!

irina <irinaferrater@hotmail.com>

Thanks for the the interpretation. I've struggled for many years about the meaning of this song.

Thanks again.

Kenneth Barron <kbarron798@aol.com>

i had to do an assignment for school where i had to anaylize the lyrics of a song, and i had no idea how complicated american pie was, your site helped A LOT!! thanks!!
Emily <etfropro13@hotmail.com>

Really a nice site, thanks for the effort, I wish I had
more insite into what was really on Don's mind when he wrote
this wonderful music and words!

Does anyone have any insite into why he did not want to perform
By By etc. later on!


ralph forbes <ralph@ocea.es>

Great interpretation of American Pie. Congratulations!
Michael Schell <m.schell@surfeu.at>

I enjoyed your interpretation of the song and think it is probably fairly accurate. Don McLean is coming to our area for a concert next month and I was just reading up on him and his famous song.
Ed Wittenberg <Rollined@aol.com>
Ohio (USA)

Great site! You have definitely filled in alot of gaps for me. I will be seen here again..
Have a great day..


I found your site after specifically searching for one on the meaning of the song. I remember the days of 45's, and had a copy of it when I was little, and remember hating to have to turn the record over to hear the rest of it. And, it seemed that this was one of the 45's the record store always had in stock, as it was a perrenial seller.
I have read many comments from other folk regarding the Madonna version of the song, and their defense of it. I have to say, I don't agree with them. This is one of the few songs around that should never have been covered. And, from a DJ's perspective, knowing Madonna's history from its beginning, I can only see her reason for doing a cover of this as one where she wanted to (as always) stir up controversy by taking an American Icon and reworking it to fit into her warped little world.
Thanks for the interesting site.

Bob Isgett <SpaceCadetBob@yahoo.com>

Wicked wicked site mate, I was looking for an explanation to the song, cos I couldn't decide whether it was about something more sordid - the devil or something, but now it's all become clear.

Either you're very clever or you did a lot of research for this song!

Nice one.

Matt Drury <matthias0198@hotmail.com>

This was by far the most informative web site I've ever seen on "Behind the scenes". You put VH1 to shame!!! Thanks for the great story to a most bewildering tune.
theodas <theodas@mail.com>

I thought your sight was a real insight into the song, I really enjoyed reading it! I also thought that the 'widow' reference in the opening verses could have been about Jackie Kennedy- but you probably know better than me!
Thank You

Cat Saunders <catx99@hotmail.com>

I am 43 and American Pie has always been a great favorite of mine. I remember studying the lyrics in high school and from what I remember your interpretations are almost identical to what we were taught. It is a brilliant song, one of the all-time classics in my opinion. There are not many songs that have such depth. You have put together a great website and I will reccommend it to others. I look forward to reading more interpretations. Thanks.
Alan <The-Weston-Wilsons@xtra.co.nz>
New Zealand

Very nice website. I'm in 8th grade and one of my electives,
the 60's, used this site to give us an understanding of the
song and what it meant. pretty neat that you can understand
it all.


Great page,Thnx for the lyrics.Oh if you find out whether its
LENNON or LENIN please let me know.

Andrew Rice <hash_420@hotmail.com>


came across this website as i was searching for the lyrics of the song.....think this is a great site......well done mate!...i remember listening to "Vincent" when i was a kid and thought how good a song sound so good?.....then i heard american pie but couldn't understand it...being asian i probably will never fully understand it....but your interpretations is interesting......

Norman <liewnorman@hotmail.com>

Just like to say that American pie is the best thing ever. And pi is 3.14159265 (approx)
Bobo <brgess@hotmail.com>

I think that this kind of artistic creativity is what is lacking in today's commercial pop music.
Heather <oompdawg@yahoo.com>
good ol U.S.A.

great work, interesting links.

Martin Jauch <mjauch@mus.ch>

I was just looking for the lirycs, and the search brougth me here. In the first place I was just trying to understand the words, but this also gave me the oportunity to understand the meaning (at least your interpretation) which kind of surprised me,'cause I didn't expect it to be so deep, but anyway, I like it, so thanks.
Max Rodriguez R <Mrodri@mantis.co.cr>
Costa Rica, (central America)

This seems to be a rather accurate and revealing interpreatation of possibly the gratest song ever written. Your simplistic lexis and illustrated style of presentation makes the site easy to comprehend, even if some of the understandings of the lyrics are verging on the obscure. Thank you and good luck with future song interpretations.
Mark <fatmanstevo@hotmail.com>

great site I found it interesting, the song has been a favorite
of mine for well over ten years and has alot of memories for me
thanks nadnz

Nadnz <nadnz@yahoo.com>
New Zealand

I realy like your song , American Pie. I am in singing lessons, and I am learning your song. I am Ten years old.
Lauren Cromartie <w2kool_lauren15@hotmail.com>

great site!! thanx for the info
jim czarnecki <theczar007@hotmail.com>

I'm 16 and i have been a fan of that song for a very long time. I think Madonna BUTCHERED it.
This is a top site, i remember meeting a guy a few years back on a trip down the coast who put this song on and then proceeded to do a similar analysis to this one. You both seem pretty spot on. This site is nicely complemented with links and photos. Well done

Erin White <winnifred83@hotmail.com>

I'm 16 and i have been a fan of that son for a very long time. I think Madonna BUTCHERED it.
This is a top site, i remember meeting a guy a few years back on a trip down the coast who put this song on and then proceeded to do a similar analysis to this one. You both seem pretty spot on. This site is nicely complemented with links and photos. Well done

Erin White <winnifred83@hotmail.com>

Few songs have been as intriguing for me as "American Pie", whose meaning I could never quite understand not only because I didn't know about the hidden meanings of the lyrics but, more importantly, because I couldn't understand the words sung - my mother tongue is not English but Spanish.
I was just looking for the lyrics as I had heard the song yesterday once again and that made me feel eager to understand what the singer was saying.
Funnily enough, I not only get the words but also an interpretation of what he meant to say.
P.S.: I used "All the web" to look for the song (http://www.ussc.alltheweb.com)

Ignacio Bengoechea <ignaciobengoechea@yahoo.com>

This makes for very interesting reading. You obviously put a lot thought and research into the interpreting of the verses of this classic song. Your explainations and speculations helped me to better understand where Don was coming from. Thanks!
Celeste Miller <sillygal765@hotmail.com>

Fun Site! A fitting tribute. "American Pie" is my Birthsong.

Holly Cordova <DivadjHollyC@AOL>

I used this site as a reference for a paper in my college class titled "The History of Rock and Roll". Thanks for the interpertation. It was very useful.
Ginger Shank <gingeratccc@yahoo>
United States

Great stuff. I Always wondered about it, the song tells a story with alot of possible interpretations. I always thought the marching band was the draft board/military, and that people were focused on the war, not music. Well, I guess thats what makes it a great song. I feel Madonnas version lacks the sadness the song makes you feel. Her version sounds like a christmas carol. Great site c ya


Alex Langstraat <aljolang@aol.com>
United States

I was so happy to have found a web site that interprets and explains this song. My father really likes this song and plays it all the time, but I never understood it. I always wanted to know what it was really saying and meaning. Thank you so much!
Marcie Gonzalez <sophomorebabe22@cs.com>

Great site-put the question out to my friends as to the meaning of "American Pie" and one found your site-will pass it on! Great work!!
Dennis Brooke <vuu73@aol.com>
Naperville,IL USA

I really enjoyed the intrepretation of the song.
Keith Warren <kwarren@MAPA.gov.nf.ca>

I really liked the site. I've loved this song for ever and always puzzled over the meaning behind it though I must admit I never went into as much depth as you did. It's good to see that real music lives on.
Thank you

Bec Hill <bec182@hotmail.com>

very insightfil
Robert M. Harkins <DRMIKEDMD@AOL.COM>

question.....is there any interpretation of the song "whiter shade of pale" anywhere?
Montey <basicologist@aol.com>

Awesome...Thanks for taking the time.
Caroline <Carolinenot@aol.com>

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